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Week Two: Great Finds Friday


Welcome to Week Two of Great Finds Friday! 

You can click here if you missed Week One, if not then welcome back!

I am just very excited about this find for just so many reasons the main one being that it’s Disney inspired!!

Topic Today: Beauty Find

Location of find: Walgreen’s

e.l.f. Disney Elsa Snow & Ice Beauty Book

Palette includes: 

8 different color eye shadow 

2 different color eyeliner


lip gloss 

&& a makeup brush!!

I mean how awesome is this?! I am obsessed with Frozen.. well I am obsessed with Disney in general but I went into Walgreen’s in search for a tanning lotion since I am on the way to Anna Marie Island in FL and as i was walking toward what i needed && I saw this out the corner of my eye.. a makeup palette! Disney?! Frozen?! I’m sold! I love makeup palettes especially when given directions on how to ‘get the look‘.

 Also it comes with a makeup brush! 

e.l.f. is a great makeup brand. I have a lot of their products and was just over the moon when I saw this in their Frozen section! It was reasonably priced, only $12.99!! Thats what I LOVE about e.l.f. is that they are very cheap yet their quality on products are very good!

Walgreen’s also had eyelashes from Elsa, Jasmine, Ariel && Snow White!

If anyone knows the ABC Show Revenge I have a palette from them that I got at ULTA that gives me Emily & Victoria’s  ‘how to look‘ and it’s fabulous!

The best part about this beauty find is that it gives you TWO different Elsa looks! You have Elsa The Snow Queen && Elsa The Ice QueenPlus I love how all the different eyeshadow colors are named after the characters in the movie!

So which look do YOU like best?!

I think I’ll have to go with the Ice Queen look πŸ™‚

I will be trying out that look tomorrow night so follow me on instagram to see my Elsa look!

Have a great night everyone!! <3


Before & After!

**I absolutely loved everything about this product

expect the brush! I was so excited about it too! But the quality wasn’t great and the bristles were falling out as I was using it. Would not recommend the brush! But everything else YES!


Let me know what you think!