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Week Three: Great Finds Friday

Hey everyone!! Welcome back to Great Finds Friday! I know I am posting this late.. and on a Sunday but oh well! Due to some technical issues my computer time has been very limited as of late but soon it will all change and i’ll be back to blogging and writing as much as I can! I know I haven’t done one of these in months but I’m finally getting back on track with everything!

OK enough with the jibber jabber.. I am so excited about this find! I went into Walgreen’s again and ended up walking out with FOUR Disney inspired make-up palettes..

 ehh yeah I know im a little obsessed but oh well πŸ˜› #noshame #disneygirl

Topic Today: Beauty Find

Location of find: Walgreen’s

I am just so excited about this post! I have decided since I did buy FOUR palette’s that each week for Good Finds Friday I will post about one of the palette’s! 

So today is…

e.l.f. BELLE Beauty Book!!

Palette includes: 

7 different color eye shadow 

2 different color eyeliner

2 different color blush

lip gloss 

&& a makeup brush!!

Now anyone that knows me knows that I am a HUGE Beauty & the Beast fan. I have dressed as Belle on numerous occasions whether it was for Halloween or for a Disney cruise I went on. So when I found this I was a little kid in a candy store jumping up & down! 

[Even more so then when I found the e.l.f. Elsa Beauty Book]

I honestly couldn’t wait to try it out! Like I have previously stated in my last Great Finds post, I am in love with e.l.f. brand. I have a huge collection of eye-shadow’s, liners, & so on. So it wasn’t a surprise that I came to fall in love with this beauty book! The color’s that came in the palette are so pretty and they went perfect with the outfit I had planned for the 4th of July! 

My big thing with makeup is the quality. I hate when I put on make-up and the colors end up way too light than what they seem to be or within the first half hour after putting it on it smears off. I was very impressed with this palette because the colors lasted almost the whole night! I say almost because at one point i rubbed my eyes completely forgetting about the make up.. #makeupfail lol

 For this face I used: Beast, Chip, Cogsworth, Enchated, Happily Ever After & Lover’s Kiss

I picked the ‘Inventor’s Daughter’ face since it went perfect for my night out for 4th of July. I loved how smooth the eye-shadow went on. It wasn’t cheap and powdery where it smears off right away. Plus the color’s came out so pretty! I was so scared they would be too light but they were perfect! I also fell in LOVE with the lipgloss. I got so many compliments that night about my makeup! I felt like a pretty princess!! 

Like i stated in my review for the Else palette, the only thing I would not recommend would be the brush it came with. The bristles do not hold the eye shadow well and they were constantly falling out. But besides that I would recommend this palette to all makeup & Disney lovers!! 

Don’t forget to visit a Walgreens near you πŸ˜‰

**this post is NOT sponsored nor did I receive this item for free. I bought it & reviewed it on my own.


Let me know what you think!