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Week One: Things to Write About Thursdays

Good afternoon!!! Welcome to week one of.. 

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Now for all of you that have read my blog Week One: Great Finds Friday you would know what Things to Write About Thursdays is all about.

[if you haven’t you should defiantly check it out!]  

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Now Last week I wrote and told everyone about this great find I found at Target called: 

“642 Things to write about”

I am just in love with this book! It makes you think outside the box by giving you different scenarios & having you answer random questions. So I have decided to start this Thursday blog by picking one thing from the book and writing about it and then challenging YOU to answer it as well, or at least to give me your opinion on what you would say or think! 

So onto Week One…

Page Four, Scenario One:

Something you had that was stolen.

Item:  Camera 

Back in 2005 I had a digital camera that was stolen at a
party around Halloween time. I was really upset because everyone at the party
was some of my closet friends, or so I thought. I didn’t have many pictures on
the camera, since it was fairly new, but there was this one picture that I
loved so much that I could never get back. I can still see it in my head and I
think about it all the time. It was of my two best guy friends at the time. We
had just got done carving a pumpkin and we were all just so happy. I wanted to
get a picture of them with the pumpkin so I had both of them stand while
holding each side of it. They were being so goofy, posing for the camera that I
just couldn’t help but laugh hysterically which made them laugh as I took the
picture. The moment that was captured was just perfect; you could just tell
that it wasn’t a fake “say cheese” kind of smile, but a legitimate,
wholehearted “I’m having the time of my life” kind of smile. I can still see it
in my head ten years later; I just wish I never had to lose it in general.

 So answer me this:

What was something you had that was stolen? 

How much did it
mean to you?

Comment below!


  • Michelle Varga

    That's awful – so sorry to hear about your camera. I'm thankful I've never had anything stolen before. I did accidentally lose my son's favorite stuffed animal while we were out on errands once. It was awful – so hard to find a replacement for it too.

  • Yona Williams

    This is CRAZY that I am reading this because I was just reflecting the other day about something that got stolen of mine. It was a brand new jacket when I was in college as an undergrad. No sentimental value or extreme financial loss, but it was the principle behind it all. I was hosting a bunch of kids at the college. They were to perform their show, and I matched them with hosts so they could gain a college experience and spend a couple nights. Anyhow, I was running around organizing everything for the show, and put my jacket down where we were all at. By the end of the rehearsal, the jacket was gone, so I do believe because of the circumstances, that one of the kids took it. I don't think they would have known that it was mine…but it just hurt nonetheless.

  • Aprill

    When I was in the 8th grade, someone broke into our home and stole my favorite things that just happened to be my school supplies. They stole my typewriter and both of my backpacks. I had to go to school for over two months carrying a large stack of books because my mom could not afford to purchase another one. It hurt really bad.

  • Cara W

    I remember when my entire pocket money when I went on a trip to Manila was stolen from my brand new LV Epi green wallet. It was around Christmas time. Rather than stress I just said a prayer that whoever took it may they have a good holiday. Lesson learned…I bring traveler's checks 🙂

  • marybeth @ BabySavers

    Many years ago I had a case of CDs stolen from my car while I worked at the local mall. The case was full of cast recordings from musicals, so I'm hoping the thief was at least pretty disappointed in the loot!

  • Chrystal Mahan

    About 7 years ago, shortly after I had moved in with my now husband, we left one night to go see a movie. We put the dogs in their crates, which wasnt something we normally did when we left, but it was close to their bed time. When we came home we found out our house had been broken in to. They must have went out the front door when we pulled around to the back to come in where our garage is. They left a bag of stuff on the dog cages. They took my class ring out of my jewelry box, but left all my gold and diamonds. They did get out with my small safe, which the officers found a few blocks away. It had been busted open and all of my coins and stamps from my great grandmother were missing. We put an alarm on our house a few days later.

    • Angela K

      I actually had my car broken into 2 yrs ago when I moved up north. I had almost everything i owned in that car and i lost everything (all my clothes shoes etc) I had just gotten back from a cruise n lost every gift/souvenir i bought there too 🙁 so i understand that as well!

  • mail4rosey

    I'm sorry you didn't get the picture printed. I had my purse taken out of my gym locker when I was in high school It was so shocking and such a disappointment.

  • Jeanine

    I've had money stolen out of my wallet by my husbands half little brother, and I lent his parents my futon mattress years ago, I went to give it to someone who was in need only to find out it was completely gone from their house he had sold it for weed money (at 16) needless to say I haven't spoken to him since.. I don't put up with that!

    • Angela K

      omg that is such a shame!! i knew someone that used to do that.. needless to say we are no longer friends. I am so sorry that happened esp with family 🙁

  • Bonnie Gowen

    I'm so sorry that someone stole your camera. I would be so upset if someone stole my camera too. I've had a few things stolen over the years and it really makes you think who your real friends are.

  • Lisa Codina

    I had an ex-boyfriend pretend to have 'lost' some of my personal items after I moved out. I KNEW he still had them but there was no way of getting them back. SO frustrating!

  • JackieJacks

    I've never really had anything stolen, but I did lose my favorite blanket from childhood a few years ago. I moved across the country and when I unpacked my moving boxes, the blanket was gone. I was devastated because I had it for like 25 years.

  • bloggingastrid.com

    I can totally understand you still think of this one picture at times. It is so cruel when people you think are friends do things like stealing. I thankfully never had an item stolen from me that I remember.

  • Masshole Mommy

    That is such a shame that your camera was stolen. I don't think I have had anything stolen from me that meant that much, but my ex-husband had his canoe stolen out of our yard on Father's Day one year and he was heartbroken.

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