Healing With A,  My Journey

Transformation Tuesday!!!

Hey guys! How are you today?! I am doing great! I am so excited to share a piece of me with you today! So you ready to get started with…

Transformation Tuesday!

All my life growing up, I have been fit. At least fit enough for me to look at myself in the mirror and really love what I see. the most I ever weighed was somewhere in the 140’s. i have been moving back and forth from NJ to Fl for the past few years, not really knowing what I wanted with life, always stressing. It wasn’t until this year when I was living in NJ & was constantly stressing that I realized FL was where I belonged, where I needed to be for myself. 

When I got here I was over the moon excited, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Like this is where I need to be. I was even more excited because all I wanted was sun in my life! I couldn’t wait to get to the beach, pool or water park on my first day/night off from work. As soon I got to FL I started work right away so I was so excited for my first full day/night off! I was all ready to go, got my bathing suit on, and I just stopped. I looked in the mirror and I couldn’t help but cry. I looked like a pale, 7 month pregnant women.. and I defiantly wasn’t pregnant. 

That’s when everything changed for me.

The next day I joined LA Fitness and Weight Watchers.

Weight Watcher’s

I was so excited to start this new journey in my life. When I weighed in for the first week at Weight Watchers I was 166. That is the heaviest I have ever weighed! I knew I was in the 160’s I just didn’t realize I was that high up. My whole mind set changed when I saw that number. Something clicked inside of me telling me ‘this isn’t you’. After one week I dropped 4 1/2 lbs! I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but to me it was, and it made me feel so good about myself! I couldn’t wait to keep seeing my results every week. I did Weight Watcher’s for the first month and then I stopped paying for it. I still eat right and watch everything I eat. I even remember the points of all my favorite foods, and I have all the books and information I need to continue this journey. 

LA Fitness

I hired a trainer at my gym. I have him twice a month for one year. the best part about this is that when I don’t have him, he writes down exactly what I need to do until I see him again. The first day I had a session with him, I felt great afterwards! While I was working out with him, he old me what to do and how many set’s. I did 30 bicycle crunches flipped over to do a 30 second plank and instead of taking my 30 sec rest (which was optional) I just flipped right back over to start a new set. It was tough i’ll admit, since I was completely out of shape, but I pushed through! After I was done the 3 sets of both crunches & plank my trainer told me how proud he was of me because he had trained other’s in better shape than me who gave up half way through the set’s I did. I was damn proud of myself and so happy that he was actually sincerely proud of me. I was supposed to see other trainers after him to see who fits me best, but after that one day with him he told me he wanted me with him all the time, to see me thru this journey! That was it for me, now it’s me & Jared twice a month for the next 11 months!

 I can completely see and feel a difference only after one month of this change in life! My friends & co-workers are so supportive and helpful when it comes to motivating me! I cannot wait to share more of my transformation as time goes on! 

Look Below for my first of many side by side transformation pictures!

Before (to the left in green) && After One Month (the 2 to the right)

As of today I weigh 159 lbs

My goal weight is 140 lbs

 Stay Tuned for more on this journey.. 😉


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