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Tips on How to Stay on the Healthy Track | #HealthyLiving

I know that sometimes it can seem like a hoagie stuffed with salty, fatty deli meats is the fastest and more filling meal option. Especially when you are in the midst of balancing a full and busy life. Trust me, I work at Wawa (the hoagie staple for on the goers) However, the truth of the matter is that you really aren’t too busy to eat healthy. In fact, there are loads of strategies that can help you do this.  I myself am obsessed with Meal Prepping and tracking everything I eat. Whether its through MyFitnessPal or Weight Watchers, which is what I use. Below are some other ways to keep you on the right track!

Meal prep

One way that you can make sure you eat healthily, even when busy, is to embrace meal prepping. This involves preparing all the meals for your week at once. Whether it’s breakfast, dinner, lunch, or a snack, you will always have a healthy option ready to go when meal prepping. 

Of course, you can choose to cook and portion out each meal during this process. Although some people prefer to do all the preparation for their main meals and then freeze the ingredients uncooked. Something that allows them to cook fresh each night.  


Meal box services

Another option for busy folks trying to eat well is to use a meal box service. These are boxes that are sent to your home that contain all the ingredients for a particular meal. Along with instructions on how to cook them. 

The critical benefit of these boxes is that they combine being able to eat fresh and healthy, with minimal planning and effort. After all, everything you need for each meal in the box is supplied. Therefore all you have to do is cook them. 

You will also find that many of the leading meal box companies offer meals specially designed to be quick to prepare and cook. Something that makes them perfect for busy people. 

However, because there are so many on the market, things can get a little complicated when it comes to deciding which meal box company to choose. Fortunately, you can find some insightful comparisons like this Home Chef vs Hello Fresh one online. Information that it is well worth checking out before you choose your box. 


Pack healthy snacks

You can also minimize the chance of reaching for unhealthy fast food when you are on the go by packing up healthy snacks and taking them with you when you are out of the house. In fact, this can be as easy as making sure you have a reusable bottle of water and a portion of fruit in your bag. 

Although there are some other fun ideas to try, that should keep you nice and full in a much healthier way. Check them out here

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Choose healthy fast food

Finally, remember that most of the time, even if you have no other option than fast food, there are often healthier options available. For example, choose sushi over deep-fried treats like chicken and fries, or why not opt for a salad or some soup instead of that bread-heavy sandwich? You’ll find they are just as filling, and they usually have a much higher nutritional content too!

I know this all may seem hard but I promise it isn’t! I joined WW and I will admit I’ve had my fair share of bad weeks when it comes to tracking but lately I have been more determined than ever. A lot of what is in this post has helped me so much, hence why I am sharing with you all! If you have any questions please just let me know!

Let me know what you think!