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Tips On Creating A Tranquil Garden

Gardens can be something that many people take for granted. Many people don’t really utilize the garden at all and spend most of the time inside of their home. You can easily turn your garden into an amazing safe haven for you to go when life gets extremely overwhelming. It’s good to spend time outside every day, for sunlight and fresh air. If you don’t think you have time to sit and relax in your garden, you can always exercise outside. Keep reading if you want to get started on creating your own tranquil garden. 


Water Feature

Water is wonderful for relaxing. There is something extremely peaceful listening to water run, like a stream or even just staring into the depth of it. Have you ever gone to a waterfall and stared at the water while listening to calming sounds that can accompany it? Luckily, you’re able to have something similar in your own backyard. There are various water fountains for you to purchase and bring you instantly to a place of peace, tranquility and relaxation. Look into various designs that bring out your personality or add a calm visual to your corner of the world. 


Of course plants in your garden are a given, but flowers can play such a big part as well as plants. Being around them actually offers you health benefits and not just how pleasing they are to look at and smell. You can even add some relaxing plants such as lavender and let the scent help you find a state of serenity. If you aren’t sure what type of plants to add to your space, call the experts for help. Onorato Landscaping is a New Jersey business that can assist you in picking out the perfect plants that can not only create a wonderful space for you and guests but also add in color pops and calming scents. This commercial landscaping in Bergen County also offers services including lighting, yard drainage, and lawn and care maintenance. 

Image: Onorato Landscaping


Adding a bench not only gives you a place to call your own but also a place when you need some time away from others. You can put it in a favorite spot in your garden, away from the commotion and overwhelming feel you might have in your home. An ideal spot would be under a large tree so you don’t get sunburnt if it’s a warm day outside. If it’s important to you, you could always spray paint your bench to add your own style and design to it to match the other colors in your garden.


Stepping Stones

Something about stepping stones just creates a calming sense. Many people believe that rocks and stones can help ground you and make you feel at ease. Whether you agree or not, you’ll at least be happy that adding stones can add a path to calmness from one area to another. 


There are many other ideas to add to your garden to make yourself feel calm in this area of your backyard. Adding wind chimes for a peaceful sound or putting various bird baths or bird feeders to invite them over is also a great idea. Ask neighbors or see what other family members have done to their garden for inspiration as well.

If you have nay ideas to add to this list, please let me know in the comments below!


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