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Tips For Creating A She Shed

Over the years, we’ve heard the expression that men want to have a ‘man cave’ which is basically a home-based retreat that is designed for all things that they desire. You find these’ caves’ in dens, garages or basements. However, what about something just as exciting for women to have? They deserve a place to call their own as well, and lucky for them, the ‘she shed’ was born. What is she shed you ask? Think of it as a female haven or a woman cave that is separate from the home. They can transform them into whatever they’d like from a high-tech workspace to a backyard oasis.

How to begin?
I’ll share a few tips below.

Define The Purpose: Whether you are using your shed for meditation, reading, working or yoga, you want to maximize its potential especially in a small space. If you would like more of an oasis, think about including some higher end pieces such as a stunning chandelier. For more of a tranquil environment, add some comfortable furniture and throw pillows or add a sturdy work desk if you’d like a workspace area that fits your needs. 

She Shed Structure: You can choose to renovate an existing shed, buy a DIY kit or construct your own design to create the shed of your dreams. You’ll need to look at building restrictions in your city and neighborhood before you begin. Think of the cost of your shed, consider an existing shed to help you. Some codes also may point out size, color and where you p lace the shed. If you want to add electricity, you may also need to add a permit for electrical wiring too. 

Level Your Foundation– If you are going to build your own or get a pre-existing one you should find a part of your property that’s close to level. This can decrease the work you’ll need to do when you either set the foundation or move the shed into the spot. You can either get a concrete slab or a 4×4 on top of mason bricks. If you live in an area that gets cold and freezes a few months out of the year, put the 4×4 on the concrete footer below the freezing line. 

Finish The She Shed’s Exterior and Interior: Once you have the walls in lace, you can install the doors, windows and roof. Add a skylight or two if you’re seeking extra light or you could opt to get French doors. Once the exterior is complete, you’ll also want to finish the interior. If you live in a cooler part of the country, you might want to add some insulation to keep the temperature stable and limit any moisturize buildup. 

Image: Nash Everett

Call In A Professional: Before you finish the interior, you’ll want to be sure that you can get checked out by a professional. Nash Everett is a popular mold removal company in Spotswood that can look into any areas that might be difficult down the road. They also look into supplying you with all certifications, licensing and insurance before moving forward with any project to make you feel at ease. 

Install electricity: You may consider running an extension cord from your house to your shed since it’s a simple option. However, you might be putting yourself at risk, especially if inclement weather occurs. Not only can you use the electricity to cool your sanctuary via fans or on air conditioner, you can put a laptop out there, connect your phone or play music too. 

Spruce up the Space With Fresh Paint: You could paint the inside and outside of your shed to help define its new purpose. Although you might find many sheds with white walls, since this helps to illuminate the walls during the day, you want a shed that can best represent you, what’s important to you and your personality. Use paint and a primer for the walls and ceiling. Since the floors experience a lot of food traffic, prime this area first and then use floor paint. 

Let me know what you think!