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The Frothy Monkey in Nashvile, TN!

The Frothy Monkey:

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I am seriously in love with finding new coffee shops while traveling and when visiting Nashville for the first time I was determined! I am obsessed with this city & with the show in general. So I looked up places the stars of the TV Show Nashville like to visit, so thank you Connie Britton for this recommendation because I am seriously in love! It is just the perfect internet cafe/coffee shop! The customer service was absolutely amazing and everyone was just so sweet! As you can see from the pic’s below they were very busy when my mother & I visited. I was so happy my mom thought to grab a seat while I ordered, otherwise I would have never gotten one!

The upstairs is where they go to take their breaks. I saw a few employees going on breaks and walking up their. But I love how it has the winding stairs. It brings so much style to the cafe!


I ordered the egg, avocado, sprouts & salsa with toast. The wait was long but so worth it! Even my mom (who decided to go to Dunkin Donuts beforehand) ate some! I will admit though, I have never been to a REAL coffee shop, so when I got my coffee with the fancy art work I was so impressed!! It was beautiful, I hated drinking it but at the same time it was so yummy it was worth ruining the art! LOL I love the table cards they give you when you go to sit down to wait for your food. They have a set of numbers and letters,, can you guess which I got? lol! I thought it was so adorable!

The Gift Shop Spot:

As soon as you walk in to your right is the little gift shop spot. Everything is reasonably priced and obviously anyone who knows me knows I couldn’t leave without getting a frothy monkey coffee mug! I thought the gift shop spot was perfect and they have so much i wish I had more money with me or I would have gotten so much more!

When I came out of the bathroom I saw this wall in front of me:

 I thought it was so great to see them supporting other places and people. I wish I lived there or at least was staying longer cause I would have visited some of these events!

The Outside:

The best thing I love about this place is that they are pet friendly! I saw so many people with their pets and doggie bowls of food & water. The staff was just so sweet to all of them as well. I would love to bring my Jasper here but then again he would be trying to sit on my lap and stand on my computer if I did that. LOL

Hope you enjoyed! 

Please don’t forget to stop by && check it out if you are in the area!


Let me know what you think!