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The Best Cakes for Your Coffee Morning!


With the new regulations in place, it’s becoming a bit of a trend to host coffee mornings and brunches for a few specially selected friends. Why not impress them when it’s your turn to play hostess? These cakes aren’t difficult to prepare, but they certainly have the wow factor! Put on an amazing spread for your friends at your next coffee morning. Here are a few fun ideas and with the right ingredients, you can definitely make cakes to impress at your coffee morning.



These cakes are big and delicious, with surprising ingredients that will leave your guests full and satisfied. With these suggestions, people will be talking about your coffee morning for weeks.


  • Hummingbird Cake


If you’re looking to impress, bake this hummingbird cake. It combines the heartiness of banana bread with unique flavors of carrot cake. It’s cream cheese and pecan frosting is irresistible.

  • Chocolate Heaven

If one or two of your friends is a chocoholic then this one’s for them. This chocolate heaven recipe is ironically sinfully delicious. Don’t worry if it’s too rich to finish at your coffee morning, it’s moist and gooey sponge will last in the fridge for days. 


  • Blueberry Bonanza


The blueberry bonanza is simple yet surprising. Topped with fresh blueberries and fresh cream, it looks stunning on the table. The tartiness of the berries is perfectly complemented by the creamy frosting. Definitely a showstopper. 


Tempting Traybakes

If you’re a little heavy-handed and don’t fancy making anything too delicate, then traybakes are perfect. The tray holds the shape and they’re easy to cut and ideal for sharing. They’ll still impress your friends and you can go as crazy as you like with decorations. It’s actually easier to decorate a flat cake. Here are some tempting ideas for your coffee morning.


  • Coconut Chai Traybake


This quirky coconut chai traybake is delicately aromatic yet moist and moreish. The whole town will be asking for your recipe. With the addition of interesting flavors inspired by chai, like cardamom and cinnamon, you might want to put some tea on the go as well.


  • Marshmallows and Cherry


This recipe is a fun take on the classic cherry bakewell, with a marshmallow twist. Carefully position the cherries so you can serve each guest with a perfectly symmetrical slice.


Splendid Sponges

It wouldn’t be a coffee morning without a classic sponge. The cake mix is easy to prepare and pretty much foolproof. You can add any interesting ingredients you like to liven it up a little bit. Here are some more original options that will leave your guests intrigued. 


  • Pistachio Praline


This pistachio praline is an easy sponge sandwich recipe, with a touch of green goodness. Impress your guests with this simple yet original flavor.


  • Tia Maria and Walnut


Tia Maria and walnut sponge is a naughtier boozy version of the classic coffee and walnut. Why not offer your guests a more decadent treat at your coffee morning?

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