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Road Tripping the USA

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The USA welcomes huge numbers of tourists each and every year. In fact, statistics have shown that there are roughly 79.6 Million international visitors crossing US borders every single year. So, if you want to head to the US to explore, you’re far from alone. Now, everyone looks for something different from their trip to America. The vast majority will visit a few major sites in a single state for a week or two. But an increasingly popular mode of tourism is the road trip. Road tripping the USA is extremely desirable, with particular routes, such as Route 66, becoming world renowned. If you want to try something like this out yourself, here are a few suggestions that should help you to achieve your goals!


Choosing a Route

First, you need to decide where you want to travel. America is a huge place, spanning fifty states. Different areas and routes will provide you with vastly different experiences. For example, a trip through Joshua Tree Park in California will give you massively different views to trying to make your way across Alaska. Do your research. This is the only way to determine where you want to go. Consider elements such as climate, how busy or isolated different places will be, whether there are any particular sites or attractions you want to visit and more. You may also want to consider things like the safest places in the US if you’re travelling alone or unfamiliar with travelling. Take your own preferences into account and plan something out that works for you.


Choosing a Vehicle

Of course, for a road trip, you’re going to need to choose a vehicle. If you’re travelling from overseas, this requires preplanning, as you’ll need to arrange the purchase of a vehicle that you can pay for and collect when you land. An alternative is to hire a vehicle, but it is important that you consider mileage if you’re going to lease a car. Some dealerships have mileage limits and you don’t want to find yourself exceeding this – you could be faced with steep charges. The best type of vehicle is reliable and sturdy. It should be well suited to the climate and terrain you’re planning on travelling. Ideally, it should have economical fuel consumption too.



Most people won’t opt for the van life option. Instead, a good option is to drive extensively, but to stop and rest in hotels or motels along the route. This gives you a chance to properly sleep in a comfortable setting where you can recuperate. It also gives you the opportunity to clean and shower between destinations. Read reviews before booking different options. This can help you to book nice and appropriate places you can count on.



Ideally, you should be able to share driving responsibilities on your trip. This means pairing up with a travel partner who can also drive. This reduces pressure on you throughout stretches of the journey and also gives you someone to chat with, bond with and enjoy the journey with! Of course, never pick up a hitchhiker. This is a highly dangerous practice.


These are just a few steps you should take into account when planning a road trip across the USA.
Hopefully, they’ll help you along your journey!

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