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Product Review: TripleBooster Car Charger (7.2A/36W)

Product Name:

TripleBooster Car Charger (7.2A/36W)

About the Product:

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A COMPLETE SET FOR 3 SIMULTANEOUS USERS – The TripleBooster includes a powerful 3 USB ports charger 7.2A 36W, A Micro-USB Cable for Windows-Phone & Android users, A 30-pin (dock) USB Cable for iPhone 4 users, A 8-Pin (Lightning) USB Cable for iPhone 6 users, and a cloth bag to store all accessories. ALL CABLE COARDS ARE 1m LONG, AND ARE RATED FOR 2.4A !

OUTSTANDING TRIPLE-USB OUTPUT – The TripleBooster is ideal for frequent travelers who use multiple devices. By using the 3 USB outputs with 36W / 7.2A, it enables you to charge practically any of your mobile 5V based devices simultaneously & rapidly. 3 devices at a time.

YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST. USE WITH CONFIDENCE – This is an advanced car charger, that includes built-in Over charge Protection, over discharge protection, short-circuit protection, stable voltage protection, Over-current protection, over heating protection etc. The charger also senses the attached device, and delivers the max. power allowed for it. It is also CE / FCC / RoHS and ISO 9001 certified.

SEE IT AT WORK – 3 LED power indicators (One for each USB port) let you know which port or device is currently charging. The LED indicators are easy to see but soft enough so they do not distract you while driving. When the phone battery is full – the charger stops its work, and the LED indicator turns off.

FIREPROOF, DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT – The TripleBooster Car Charger is made of a Fire-Resistance, durable and lightweight material. This will provide you years of easy, safe, and enjoyable use. So, click here now, and enjoy 18 months guarantee, and lifetime support!

My Review:

So this had been such a lifesaver! I share my car with 2 other people and the fact that we all have cellphones is.. well.. expected. But when it comes to charging them (especially on long roadtrips) it becomes a pain on who charges first and so on. With 3 USB Ports this seriously solves all those problems! I love the fact that it comes with 3 different charger’s mainly because I am a galaxy girl thru n thru and everybody else has an IPhone. It may be bulky but that doesn’t bother me at all. 

Another great feature is the LED indicator lights. They light up as the devices are charging and turn off when they are fully charged. I love that the chargers don’t let the device over charge and shut off when at 100%. Also the other thing that I love about this is that when you have all three ports in use it still DOESN’T effect how fast it charges. I have had issues with other multiple port chargers that slow down the charge once more than one device is charging but I never had an issue with this one!

This item is definitely a keeper and can be purchased by clicking here!

**I was given this product for free by the company for my absolute 100% opinion. I was in no way coerced into saying what I said or how I feel. My opinions are my own, and I will not recommend a product to viewers if I do not like it.**

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