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Product Review: Supermarket of Beliefs: The Truth in 11 Parts eBook

Product Name:

Supermarket of Beliefs: The Truth in 11 Parts

by Galia Koplis

My Review:

I have never really been all about religion. Please don’t get me wrong, I believe in God and everything that comes with it but I wouldn’t consider myself a very religious person. I follow my own beliefs and come to terms to things in my own ways. So when I got the opportunity to review this book free of charge I jumped at it. I have all been curious about the different religions out there and how they all differ. This books goes into so much detail about everything that I will admit its hard to get hooked right away.

Everyone knows I love reading and books are my lifesaver, but this book did take awhile to get used too. I did had to skip over some of the beginning because it had a very slow start. At least it did to me, but maybe to anyone who are all about religion would have a different opinion. I skipped to the parts where she goes into detail about all the different types of religion and that’s when it really got interesting for me. I love learning about how they differ and even how some kinda mesh together. I was very interested in Zen, Ancient Greece & even Buddhism. 

I will not go into detail because if you guys are familiar with my book reviews I will not spoil anything for you, but I do recommend you look this book up and check it out. Even if you are not a huge fan of religion I would still do so because it’s kind of amazing what you can learn if you open your mind up to it.

About the Book:

In the period in which we are now living we are not sure what is right and what is wrong, we have been offered a new and original method to establish a private faith that will replace all the wars of religion in which (the people of) every religion and every belief, including scientific and atheistic beliefs, swear that their way is the best and the most truthful. 

The book, “Supermarket of Beliefs” proposes that the removal of fragments from all the different religions and beliefs, including secular, religious, mysterious, and scientific beliefs; everything that each of them believes to be true and in this way establish an individual religion for each one. 

The book contains the highlights of the major religions, monotheistic religions, eastern religions, ancient religions, mysticism and ancient and modern philosophy. It proposes a new division of religions and beliefs, including secular and scientific beliefs, according to the energies and the symbols associated with them. 

It also recommends ways to sort out and re-attach them so that each person can assemble the faith that suits him or her. 

This method might help the individual to form his or her beliefs thus completing them and helping them to feel at ease with themselves. This method might also help the society as it needs to be much more flexible due to the huge influence of beliefs, ideas and technology in its midst. 

“Man can choose a cluster of icons as he sees fit, but in the end there is an energy that is his way, and it sets the main tone of his actions”. 

Quotes from the book: 

“The individual amasses great power when he connects all the pieces together, the spiritual energy, thought and logic, the symbol, the emotions, the creativity and the material …..” 

The truth is divided into 11 types of energies: 

Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Tao, Zen, contrasts and separation, mystical, rational – material (philosophy and science) and secularism. 

In the future, “the individual will be able to assemble and build not only his or her faith but also symbols that in the past appeared to be impossible to change, like his or her personality, body and maybe age. The individual could, with the help of all the religions, the faiths and the practices, live within a dream that he molds for himself…..” 

About the Author:

Galia Koplis is a multidisciplinary human being. She was born into a religious family and became an atheist at the age of 21. She spent a long time studying general studies, spiritualism, philosophy, science, and communications (journalism). In effect, she studied all the spiritual and alternative subjects and subjects dealing with self-help and beliefs. For her, the most interesting thing was the experience of insight when a new world was revealed to her. 
She holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and Psychology from Bar-Ilan University.
She is also a graduate of the Avni College of Painting and Sculpture.
Later she published children’s books.

**I was given this product for free by the company for my absolute 100% opinion. I was in no way coerced into saying what I said or how I feel. My opinions are my own, and I will not recommend a product to viewers if I do not like it.**

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