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Product Name:

NYB Lavender Essential Oil

About the Product:

100% PURE, NATURAL, & AUTHENTIC Kashmir Lavender Oil steam distilled without any fillers or additives.

LAVENDER WAS CULTIVATED IN THE KASHMIR REGION, the foothold of the Himalayan Mountains, being known as the FINEST & PUREST Lavender Oil in the world.

THERAPEUTIC GRADE Triple Extra Quality Lavender Essential Oil is of the highest and purest quality.

OUR LAVENDER OIL is potent as having Linalool 31% & linalyl acetate 34%.

Lavender could be perhaps one of the most versatile herbs and essential oils in the world, and the therapeutic uses for its pure essential oil are seemingly endless. 

Our Lavender Essential Oil was cultivated at the foothold of the Himalayan Mountains being known as the world finest and purest Lavender Oil. It contains Linalool 31% & linalyl acetate 34%.

My Review:

I am so excited about this one! I don’t mind how small the bottle is because its just that great! It lasts so long and the benefits are amazing. Not only does it help with burns, scraps and scars BUT acne too. Plus the smell is so beautiful. I have always been obsessed with Lavender so I was so happy to be able to try out this oil!

Here are some benefits you would be able to use:

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**I was given this product for free by the company for my absolute 100% opinion. I was in no way coerced into saying what I said or how I feel. My opinions are my own, and I will not recommend a product to viewers if I do not like it.**

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