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Product Review & GIVEAWAY: Chef’s Way Microzest Premium Grater & Zester

Good Afternoon everyone! I am so excited to finally get out of my funk and back into doing what I love best.. product reviewing! I am really excited about this product but mainly because I finally got to make my flat tummy water that I have been wanting to try out for so long! Plus it’s a GIVEAWAY as well so YAY!


Chef’s Way Microzest Premium Grater & Zester

I will be sharing with you my favorite FLAT TUMMY WATER COMBO using the Zester I was given for free to review! So lets get to it!

Lemon, Cucumber, Mint & Ginger Zest Water

About the Product:

[from the company itself]

The Chef’s Way Microzest Grater-Zester’s design is based on

a small woodworking tool to make wood shavings, and because

the grating edges are so sharp, it’s easy to finely grate or zest

wide variety of ingredients.

This useful tool releases tiny bursts of concentrated flavor for your food.

With the Microzest Grater-Zester, even non-chefs can create delectable dishes!

βœ“ Quality High Grade Stainless Steel

βœ“ Comfortable Non-Slip Grip

βœ“ Super Sharp, Safe and Durable Grating Edges

βœ“ Rubber Blade Tips to Protect Your Working Surface

My Review:

I am a big fan of this product. I have been in the market for a new zester for awhile now and was so glad to be picked to review this product. It is so easy to use and it has such a comfortable grip! I hate using the big, bulky zester & graters because I always feel so awkward holding them. With this one I can hold it right over where I wanted the shavings to go.

[see below]

Easy Peezy!

Another thing I love about it is the fact that it’s so easy to wash! My last zester still has crud on it because it was so hard to clean but this one cleaned up in seconds! I would defiantly recommend this product to others!

All in all I would give this product a 4 out of 5.

Zesting the Ginger into the Water

The only issue I had with it was the ginger keep getting stuck on the zester but that has to do with the ginger itself. I cannot wait to try it with other recipes as well. 

If ya’ll haven’t noticed yet I LOVE to cook πŸ™‚ 

With the Ginger Zest
Finishing Product


Chef’s Way Microzest Premium Grater & Zester

**I was given this product for free by the company through Tomoson for my absolute 100% opinion. I was in no way coerced into saying what I said or how I feel. My opinions are my own, and I will not recommend a product to viewers if I do not like it.**  


Let me know what you think!