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Product Review & GIVEAWAY!: The Abduction of Nelly Don

Good afternoon everyone! Do I have a treat for you?! A Review AND a Giveaway!! YAY!!! Plus its an ebook.. who doesn’t love those?! Ok so lets get to it!

Product Name:

The Abduction of Nelly Don (eBook)

by Patrice Williams Marks

About the Author:

(from the author herself)

“I’ve been a writer since age 6 when I pinned the wildly successful (in my own mind) THE DAY SNOOPY GOT MARRIED. My teacher was so impressed that she shared it with the entire school staff. Unfortunately, I never got it back!

I’ve written over 10 screenplays; some of which have been optioned. Hoping one will make it to the big screen some day. I envision Universal’s spinning globe, with it’s majestic horns announcing the opening of the film … my film. Gives me chills.

I’ve written and directed a few short films, “STRINGER,” about a rogue photog on the edge of a nervous breakdown, and “F-HARMONY”; a funny spin on the dating site with an unexpected twist at the end. I’ve written and produced a short stage play, as well as founded “two film festivals. I’ve also written and produced/directed three book trailers..

After reading short stories from Derek Haas’ (bad-ass, big time screenwriter and producer/creator of Chicago Fire) website, aptly called “Popcorn Fiction,” (where he features short stories from writers), I decided to give it a go.”

About The Book:

(from website/author)


It’s December 17, 1931. Nelly Don, millionaire fashion designer, has been kidnapped. It’s no ordinary kidnapping and no ordinary rescue attempt. Before it’s over, a powerful Senator may see his downfall and a Syndicate Crime Boss will have played a major role.

My Review:

So for those of you who have read my blog and my reviews
know that without a doubt I am a HUGE book lover! I mean I have over 200
books.. #noshame 😉 So you can just imagine how excited I was to get to review ‘The
Abduction of Nelly Don’. Plus it’s based on a true story, who doesn’t love
those? I will admit I have never heard of the story of Nelly Don prior to this
book but it defiantly intrigued my curiosity! (so naturally I googled it lol).
I have got to say I love reading any book that are dated back in the 1900’s-1950’s
so this was a huge treat for me! Plus to be able to overcome all the obstacles she
had to face is amazing, and how she got to owning her own clothing line was
empowering. I refuse to go into to details because why spoil it? But I do truly
recommend this book to everyone out there! It is a little slow at first but I
promise it is a hook, line and sinker!
Hope you enjoy!

**I was given this eBook for free by the author for my absolute 100% opinion. I was in no way coerced into saying what I said or how I feel. My opinions are my own, and I will not recommend a product to viewers if I do not like it.** 

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  • princessbox

    Great giveaway!! I will admit that I don't read as much as I should. I literally can never find the time. This book sounds like something right up my ally. I find that books that are more based on a true story always keep my attention.

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