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Product Review: Excellence by Raj Davis

Good afternoon everyone! I have another great eBook review for you, so lets get started! 🙂

Product Name:

Excellence by Raj Davis

About the Book:

[from the author/website]

We all deal with adversity. Todd, Lee, and Ebony get more than their fair share. Very early in life, while still vulnerable, defenseless, and impressionable children—they were made subject to abuse. From that beginning, they were molded not to reach their dreams but to collapse and become three more of the sad statistics that represent the normal downfall in many urban neighborhoods. These living environments are called the ghettos, slums, and projects of their cities. Housing many black youth. Yet, not completely broken by their environment, they each pursue excellence, choosing their own path. Some choose wrong. One becomes a drug dealer, one becomes a social worker, and one a doctor. 

My Review:

I am a huge book lover. I have read everything from fantasy to sci fi to historical romance. I thought I have read it all until I started reading this book. It’s a great feeling when a book still can spark something inside of you. The story of Todd, Lee, and Ebony is something that all of us could relate to in one way or another. It shows us the strength we have in ourselves to make good of what bad things may have been handed to us. That even though one life hands us curve ball, one after another, that we can still find the strength to move past it and make best of what life has given us. The biggest lesson one can learn from this book is to never ‘judge a book by it’s cover’ or a person for that matter. These kids suffer through so much pain, that it leads them down different and dangerous paths but that doesn’t make them any less then amazing. I would recommend this book to everyone that loves to read and even if you don’t read, trust me its worth it! 

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**I was given this eBook for free by the author for my absolute 100% opinion. I was in no way coerced into saying what I said or how I feel. My opinions are my own, and I will not recommend a product to viewers if I do not like it.** 


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