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Product Review: eBook The Watchers Book 2: Hidden Fire

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The Watchers Book 2: Hidden Fire

About the Book:

[taken from the Author]

Auriella’s new life as a royal protector is in shambles. The new king ignores her warning of a Shadow Legion invasion, and he is determined to marry her off. Ghosts from her past, the discovery of other Watchers, and a handsome Scottish warrior throw her off guard. Caught in a web of secrecy, Auriella struggles to control and protect the devastating power of Starfire.

My Review:

Deirdra you have out done yourself, yet again! I haven’t been hooked on a series in a very long time, as much as I am with this one. To be able to read a story and really feel everything that the character is feeling is just amazing. I just love reading a book and getting lost in it.  The romance is undeniable and feels so real, like your living in the moment with Auriella. It’s defiantly a cant put down kinda book just like the first one!

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