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Product Review: Doug Pitassi’s 15 Best Restaurants in Portland

Product Name:

Doug Pitassi’s 15 Best Restaurants in Portland

About Book:

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“Doug Pitassi’s 15 Best Restaurants in Portland” was written with you in mind with so much detail poured into every page. Open it up and at a glance you’ll learn the ingredients used in every dish served in each restaurant, which is also a lifesaver for those with allergic reactions or those picky about onions, garlic, and more.

With information of each dish, you’ll also be presented with food reviews from professional chefs and food critics and even historical information about the meal in question. “Doug Pitassi’s 15 Best Restaurants in Portland” is the ultimate restaurant guide today!

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My Review:

There are a lot of places that I have yet to see that I wanna see. My own little bucket lists of places, restaurants, islands, caves, parks.. etc. Well thanks to this book my list just got bigger! I have heard so many great things about Portland and it has been a place I have been wanting to visit. I am just so glad I was able to review this book because at least now I have my top restaurants that I am defiantly going to visit!

This book is a very easy read, and the way he goes into great detail of all the places/restaurants that are his favorite, it makes you really feel like you are there without being there. If you are ever planning a trip to Portland this is a must have!

**I was given this product for free by the company for my absolute 100% opinion. I was in no way coerced into saying what I said or how I feel. My opinions are my own, and I will not recommend a product to viewers if I do not like it.**  

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