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Planning A Trip To See The Pyramids?



Egypt is a land clouded in mystery. Everyone knows about ancient Egypt, for it was clearly one of the most advanced civilizations of its day. In Egypt is where humanity learned how to set broken bones. In Egypt we learned how to cultivate the land using rivers. It’s in Egypt where we learned how to make the finest cotton in the world. It’s little wonder that this country still fascinates us today, because once upon a time, it was the center of the world. We look at great European nations now, like Germany, the UK and Italy. We look at nations like America and Australia. We see them as inspirations for what a modern civilization can achieve. But 3-4,000 years ago, Egypt was the richest, most powerful nation on the planet. The symbol of its power is still with us. The pyramids.

Mystery engineering

Do you know that ancient Egyptian scholars are still arguing over how the pyramids were made? That’s right. These gigantic stone structures that were made 4,000+ years ago. The Pyramid of Giza, was made at least 2,600 BC. It is over 4,500 years old. And yet, we still don’t really know how they made it. The kinds of engineering feats that one would have to accomplish is jaw-dropping. The original height was 481-feet, now it’s 454-feet. The top of the pyramid of Giza, is said to have been made out of solid gold so it’s not surprising that over the thousands of years, some people stole it. 

Giza has a volume capacity of 2.6 million cubic feet. In total, it has been made out of 2.3 million stones, weighing a total of 6 million tons. How on earth did they do this, without electricity, without hydraulic pumps, without cranes and all the modern tools we use now?



The modern adventure

In modern Egypt, there are brilliant Egypt Tours which show you each pyramid, giant statue and temples of the ancient world. You can go riding on camels and see them in person. You will be accompanied by a tour guide who will take care of your tent, bed, food and creature comforts. They will hand you over to specialist guides when you arrive at the sites, so you can be given a tour with the utmost detail and up to date knowledge. It’s quite incredible how much is still being discovered today and that’s why it’s always a good idea to have Egypt as your destination for a holiday. 

The modern adventure isn’t so hardy like it was for the explorers of old. Now you have warmth under the starry sky of the desert, lots of water to drink when it’s gets mightily hot and you will be cared for by health and safety experts on the tour. Speaking of which, the tours are protected by measures in place to combat coronavirus. So you can explore without fearing infection. 


Modern Egyptian food

Modern Egypt still has some hangers-on from the old days, and some of them can be found in the food. Try their national dish called Ful medames which is mashed fava beans, with a garlic flavored oil, with some boiled eggs, some white yogurt, a sprinkle of spice and some fresh salad on the side. It’s a healthy snack but packed full of protein. It’s also quite light, which is what you want in the hot sun of Egypt. 

They also serve roasted meats which is something you can also find in other Middle Eastern nations. However they do it special. They use a particular red chili that you cannot find anywhere else. It’s from the southern part of the country where it gets hot and dry and the chili is often turned into a powder, and sprinkles into mince sheep or goat. You can find it in Egyptian fatteh and you’ll notice the rich redness of the oil.

Mahshi is also great for those of you that want vegetarian dishes. It’s basically rice that has been fried in some herbs and spices and then put into a zucchini. You can find it in street stalls in markets but it’s also served in some coffee shops as a light snack. 

Ancient Egypt is still alive today. It’s never too far from our minds because the things they did all those years ago still impress us today and spark our imagination. 

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