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Planning a Stress-Free Vacation?

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For some people, a stress-free vacation seems impossible. With a flight to catch, things to pack, hotel reservations to make, and so on, it is understandable that 
89% of Americans think vacation planning is stressful. However, there’s good news. Your vacation can be enjoyed every step of the way! Keep reading on for some great tips.

Book your accommodation in advance

In 2021 when many people have received their COVID-19 vaccinations, most people will be traveling more than ever. This means you will have to be quick in booking the best vacation accommodation available domestically or abroad. If you have an excellent location such as the Great Smoky Mountains in mind, read more about their cabin rentals. With vacation bookings, it is always recommended to view reviews and ratings before making any financial commitments. It also helps to turn up in person at the location to assess the quality of room you booked for. After all, online pictures can be deceiving. 

Keep a flexible itinerary

Do not plan every minute of your vacation. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t plan what you would want to do while on vacation. However, to avoid stressing over every detail, it is better to make your itinerary flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen changes. Unfortunately, vacationers who plan every minute quickly get frustrated and stressed when things go haywire. You cannot control everything!

In other instances, some people worry more about the time when one activity eats into the next on their line-up. Learning to go with the flow means seizing the opportunity to relax as much as possible while taking things in your stride. Recognize that not everything will go according to plan when you work with a strict vacation schedule. Try as much as possible to lose your tight grip on vacation expectations. Instead, enjoy every moment to create wonderful memories. 

Pack lightly

Yes, this is an almost impossible task for many travelers. Usually, the need to pack as many clothes as possible causes undue stress among travelers. But do you know what? You do not have to fit every clothing in your travelling luggage. First of all, take a step back and reassess your trip’s purpose and what type of vacation it is. For example, is it a camping or beach vacation? Knowing why and where you’re going already is a pre-determinant of what clothes to pack. So, if your vacation will span three weeks, you will need about four different shades of denim pants with a few varieties of shirts (or blouses).

Should there be the need to wear anything apart from what you packed, you can always buy from the least expensive clothes shop. There is no point in packing your entire closet for a few weeks’ vacations. Remember, the more clothes you pack, the more stressed you will feel. Indecision leads to over-packing, and that translates into a stressful time.

Get a local SIM card 

First of all, it is cheaper to do this. You will have no roaming charges to be concerned about. It is also a sure way to avoid looking for Wi-Fi hotspots to tether. In some foreign countries, you can arrange to have the SIM sent to you even before travelling. Japan is one such country which issues and sends its local SIM to travelers who request in advance.

Most importantly, after receiving the local SIM, insert it into your phone and download convenient apps. For example, Uber, Google Map, and XE exchange are essential. TripAdvisor is also recommended for you. There is nothing more frustrating and stressful than arriving in a foreign country only to be stranded and cheated out of your money while on tour.

Leave your valuable jewelry at home

Have you ever lost a valuable item while vacationing? For those who have, it is one of the worst feelings ever for a vacationer. Apart from your wedding ring, leave expensive watches, and every kind of jewelry that cost an arm and a leg. In extreme cases, married couples choose to purchase cheap replacement rings until they return home. With this strategy, you may not have to deal with insurance claims for valuable items you lose.


A stress-free vacation is easy to achieve once you take the necessary steps outlined here. There are more things you can discover, though. Your vacation is supposed to be an enjoyable time, and that should be what you strive to do.
In the future, make it your mission to plan stress-free vacations.

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