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Pesto, Tomato, & Mozz Pizza on a Pita Bread

Pesto, Tomato, & Mozzarella Pizza on a Pita Bread

I am obsessed with cooking and usually I am on Pintrest like crazy looking up new recipes everyday because I want to learn as much as I can. This recipe was something I made off the top of my head. I took everything I love and put it onto a pita bread to make a pizza! It ended up being delicious!!


  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Tomato
  • Dill
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Pita Bread
  • Pesto

First put the Pesto on as the base. I used my homemade pesto minus the avocado since I didn’t have one.

Then I added the tomatoes. You could used sliced tomatoes or cherry tomatoes which I may try the next time!

And mozzarella. I used fresh mozzarella mainly because I am obsessed but next time I think I will stick to shredded mozz cheese.

Then I added the Balsamic vinegar & dill. 

I baked it at 350 Degrees until the cheese was melted. It was absolutely divine! 

My Trail & Error: Like I said before I have never made this before nor did I find this from another recipe. I took all the things I love and made it into a pizza! But here is what I would do differently.

1: I would have baked the pita bread & pesto for a little bit before added the ingredients on top so it would be crispy when I put everything on top [less chance of the bread getting soggy]… which mine did, not too bad though. It was still delicious but it would have been a lot better with more crisp to it.

2. I would have used shredded mozzarella cheese rather than fresh mozzarella logs. Don’t get me wrong, anything is better with fresh cheese that’s why I love the mozzarella log, but the shredded cheese defiantly would have melted better.

If you make this please leave a comment & let me know how it turned out! 

Would love to hear opinions!

Good luck & enjoy!!


Let me know what you think!