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Miracle Gel Sally Hansen Review

So I bought the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel @ Rite Aid for $15.99 for the set which came with the top coat & a beige color. I bought the blue separate since I can’t live without blue nail polish! I have been wanting to try this out for so long now, i’ve been obsessed! I love nail polish, especially any color blue, but working with my hands as much as I do nail polish tends to my last me 3 days top. So I am very impressed with how long this Miracle Gel lasted for me!

Now mind you, I work with food. So I am constantly washing my hands, wearing gloves and doing the dishes. So anytime I wear regular nail polish by day 3 more than half my polish is off! The picture below is the Miracle Gel on Day 3.

Awesome right?! I was so surprised by the results! Plus I love the color so I was so happy it was lasting! The below picture is Day 8! Crazy right?! I can’t even tell you how my times a day I change my gloves, wash the dishes or even wash my hands for that matter. Working in food, let’s just say it’s A LOT. So for there to still be nail polish on my fingers after Day 8 was so amazing!  

I would seriously recommend this nail polish to everyone & anyone who loves nail polish as much as I do. They have so many colors to choose from! The price is a little expensive for nail polish but totally worth every penny! If this could be my result in 8 days with the job I have, can you imagine how long it’ll last on your fingers? Head on over to your local beauty store and pick it up! You won’t regret it!


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  • Michelle Hwee

    This is the perfect color for you! I love nail polish too, its almost like a hoarding hobby for me lol. But really, the royal blue looks amazing on you! I have really been looking into gel nails, this looks like the perfect match for me!

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