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Lipton Egg Drop Soup with Scallions

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! If this is your first time here then here’s a little tid bit.. this is a very random blog! From my thoughts to product reviews to recipes.. like today! I know ya’ll are probably out celebrating Valentines Day or relaxing at home watching Titanic or The Notebook.. either way 

Happy Valentines Day!!

I don’t know about you but I love soup! Growing up I used to hate it. I would only want soup if I were freezing or sick and if that were the case than I would only have tomato soup and sometimes Chicken Noodle. Lately though I have been obsessed with soup!

 Either I make it in the crock-pot

(Like my Japanese Mushroom Onion Soup)

Or I take regular plain soup and put my own little twist on it, like this soup!

So here we go!

Lipton Egg Drop Soup with Scallions

I love Lipton Extra Noodles Soup by itself but so much more when I put my own twist on it! Mainly because i’m obsessed with scallions and eggs 🙂 

What you need:

  • One packet of Lipton Extra Noodles Soup made with Real Chicken Broth

  • One egg, beaten

  • Green Onions, chopped (as many you would like)

First cook the soup per directions on the box. Once you add the soup packet also add the green onions. I do this early so the soup can gather the flavors of the soup and the green onions. 

Once the noodles get soft enough take the beaten egg and slowly pour it into the pot and start stirring for about a min or two, if that.

 (that’s usually how long it takes for it all to cook together)

And then, deliciousness!!

If you make this please leave a comment & let me know how it turned out! 

Would love to hear opinions!

Good luck & enjoy!!


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