Healing With A,  Life

Keep calm & Blog.

I have lived my whole life writing. Whether it be of dreams i’ve had whether they be of heartache and lose or love and happiness. I’ve had them all, but I also write about who I am and what I have been through and who I want to be. I have had so much loss and heartache no person should endure, yet so much happiness at the same time.. does that make sense? I don’t know anymore. That’s why I write. To make sense of it all. I want to be the kind of writer other’s can relate too. I want to remember what i’ve been through and in general.. be remembered. I don’t mean by fame and fortune but by having an impact on one’s life. I want to be the writer one can relate too. Are you that person? 

I want this blog that I have to be a blog where anyone can come too and get something out of. Whether it be by how I perceive the life I live or something as simple as a review of what life has given me. I want to help people through times of hardship and love. But thats not all. Im not a dark soul waiting to make pendents on my life by helping others. I am just me. I’ve made mistakes and trust me when I say i’ve learned from them, but I want this blog to be something more than just me spilling my feelings of my life.

That’s why I have dedicated this blog to being about everything. I mean everything.. I will be blogging about my thoughts of life and love and heartache.. but not just that [as you can tell from previous posts 🙂 ] i will be blogging of recipes, reviews on products & places to eat & sleep. I want this blog to be about everything life throws at you from the little things to the big things. I want people to be able to comment, like & share my blogs.. to relate to them. I don’t want the attention..

 just to make a difference 🙂

Until next time..

-ninjette xoxo


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