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It’s Time To De-Funk | 4 Ways To Reinvigorate Your Life

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As life goes on, it can be hard to maintain your momentum. Things happen that you never expected, such as job loss, divorce, disease and disability, and you wind up in a funk, wondering how everything went so wrong. 

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re trapped in this state perpetually unable to escape. But that’s not actually true. It turns out that there are loads of ways to get yourself out of a funk and enjoy life again. Here’s what you need to do: 


Start With Calmness

Historically, human beings developed the stress response to counteract physical danger. But these days, it’s become chronic. We perceive stress around every corner and in every aspect of our lives, even if nothing has actually gone wrong. 

Unfortunately, stress drains your energy like nothing else. It puts you in a constant state of alert which, if prolonged, eventually leads to burnout and mental health problems. 

The trick here is to start with calmness. Switch off your fight or flight response and allow your natural peacefulness to return. Take a few minutes to just breathe deeply. Allow yourself the luxury of not feeling stressed for a while and see how it changes your mind and body. 


Get In Touch With Your Musical Soul

Music has a powerful impact on human psychology because it goes deeper than the conscious level of the mind. In fact, some creative musical tasks actually go beyond the intellect itself and rely more on unconscious or innate intelligence. 

You can create whatever music you like. Perhaps you could dust off your old piano and enjoy a quick tinkle, or maybe you could play guitar while using a drummer pedal to provide a beat.

Whatever it is, music has healing power. It takes your thoughts away from your body and focuses them on something beautiful outside of yourself. My favorite thing to do is dance it out. Don’t care how silly you may look, just let it all out with your favorite tune and dance moves!


Don’t Compare Yourself To Other People

As an old sage once said, “comparison is the thief of joy.” When you think about it, there’s a lot of truth to that statement. When you compare yourself to someone else, you’re often setting yourself up as the lesser of the two, wondering why you can’t be better. 

Generally speaking, this approach to your inner life is a bad idea. Instead of comparing yourself to other people, just celebrate their brilliance. Feel their joy when they succeed, instead of just feeling bad for yourself. 


Evaluate Your Daily Routine

Sometimes you can get into a funk if there’s a problem with your daily routine. For instance, you’ll want to check that you’re: 

  • Eating properly
  • Sleeping well most nights
  • Giving yourself time and space to get to grips with your spirituality
  • Avoiding things that harm you, like alcohol
  • Exercising regularly
  • Reflecting and meditating
  • Allowing your true self to shine through

If you follow a healthy lifestyle, then it is much less likely that you’ll get into a funk. You might get tired from time to time, but you won’t feel depressed or in an ultra-low mood. This had been one thing that has helped me immensely get through everything I have been through these past few months. Once I started having a routine set in place and started living a more healthy lifestyle I have felt more like myself than I have in years. 

Remember, your mind should be something that serves you, not the other way around. 

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