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Influenster Voxbox Review


I finally got my first VOXBOX from Influenster

I am just very excited to be able try out Clear Proof by Mary Kay! All my life I have had acne prone skin, not terribly bad but enough that I get very insecure at times. I have tried everything on my face from Neutrogena to Clearasil and nothing has worked! So now I will be trying this new treatment thanks to Influenster!! I will posting a before pick on this blog and then after a week or two of using this product I will write another blog with my after picture! 

Before using Clear Proof by Mary Kay

I can’t wait to see and feel the difference after using Clear Proof!! 🙂



After using Clear Proof by Mary Kay for a few weeks now, I can defiantly see a difference! 

Does your face tend to be oily at times?

My face has always been oily. Not extremely bad, but enough to make it annoy me. Ever since using Clear Proof, my face hasn’t been oily that much at all! I use all the products in the order it tells you too, and 2 days in a row i forgot to use the moisturizer [trust me, I could tell & feel the difference!]. My face got so dry that I was surprised since usually its always oily! And even on the days I did put the moisturizer on my face it still wasn’t that oily. I def recommend this product if you have any acne or oily issues!

I have tried everything to clear up my face, & i finally found something that works!! & the plus is that it doesn’t leave my face oily! It did take awhile until I saw a difference, but it was def worth the wait. You know that saying “It gets worse before it gets better”? Well that was true about this product. When I first started using it my skin wasn’t used to it so it didn’t react the way I had hoped for the first week. I broke out a lil bit in the first week but after my face got used to it, it worked like a charm! 

If your looking for something to help with your blemishes &or oily skin, head on over to Mary Kay and pick up an order of Clear Proof! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Until next time.. xoxo *kisses*


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