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How to Simplify The Online Customer Experience


There are many ways to
make a side hustle look professional, and one of the easiest options is to create a website your customers can visit, browse, and hopefully purchase your products. Still, many small businesses are so wrapped in everything else they have to do that they neglect to take proper care of the website, which can impact the online customer experience negatively. This can have severe ramifications for your side hustle success. 

Keep Your Website Up and Running 

You won’t enjoy consistent traffic and sales if you aren’t able to keep your website up and running. Numerous issues can occur that causes downtime for your site, so knowing how to maintain it will ensure continuous performance. But, you may not have the time or even the know-how to keep things running smoothly. To overcome this, services like nestify.io will reduce downtime and ensure your site is always accessible. In turn, this guarantees any visitors will not encounter issues and they will proceed to the checkout to make a purchase.

Offer Custom Extras

When you need to enhance the customer experience, it helps if you stand out from the crowd. One of the most effective ways to do this is by offering things your competitors do not. For instance, you can make like Alex Graveley and become an open-source guru. Getting to grips with modern AI systems is a great example. AI code is now more open than ever, and you can modify language models such as Chat GPT to your own advantage and tailor them to your specific eCommerce platform online.

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate 

Studies have highlighted that 94% of consumers believe a website should be easy to navigate, so it’s in your, and their, best interests that you do away with complicated and confusing layouts. If your visitors cannot find the product or service they are searching for, you will never make any sales, and there will always be another site that makes things easier. Provide logical outlines with categories and tabs that direct customers to the right place. You can also implement a search box so they can find whatever they are looking for as soon as they arrive. 

Offer Secure Payment Options 

Secure and convenient payment options are always appreciated. While cybersecurity has improved dramatically since the days of being unsure whether it’s safe to input your credit card details, customers still want confidence that their data is safe. Offer a variety of secure and encrypted payment options, ranging from safe credit or debit card payments, PayPal, or even cryptocurrency to give them confidence in their purchases. 

Provide Live Chat Support

Live chatbots are an excellent way for you to improve your customer service, and they can save customers a lot of time if they are searching for an answer. Business owners can train AI chatbots to respond to simple but common questions, such as shipping timeframes or opening hours, allowing customers to get an immediate response. As your side hustle grows into something more substantial, you can also offer direct customer service live chats with yourself or an employee to answer queries and solve any issues the customer has encountered. 


Overcomplicating things is a surefire way to drive customers to competitors that don’t make them jump through hoops just to finalize an order. If you are not experiencing regular traffic or long-term visitors, it could be that your website does not conjure a pleasant experience. By considering these tips, you will transform your website for the better by making the online experience one customers look forward to. 


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