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How To Make Your Home Feel Cozy In The Winter

How To Make Your Home Feel Cozy In The Winter 

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Now that the Christmas holidays have passed and you will soon be taking down the festive decorations, you still want your home to feel lovely and cozy this winter. So any small changes you can make in your home that will make it feel warm and homely will be very welcoming when you return from a busy day at work. So here are some suggestions to get you feeling inspired to make your home feel more cozy. 

Light Some Candles 

Fragranced candles are a great way to add a nice, homely feel whilst also making the room smell nice. Candles also provide that lovely warm glow that you do not get with a lamp. So why not try lighting some natural fragranced candles, or if you do not have any, you can utilize a plain one, then simply add a few drops of essential oil to it to create the scent of your choice. 

It will be a great way to create a warm, comforting atmosphere in the room as you sit and read a book or watch something on tv. This will also help to create a more relaxing mood which is essential for your mental wellbeing and can help to alleviate stress as well. 

Ensure Your Windows Are Draft Free 

When it’s winter time you want your home to feel all cozy in the cold months, so part of this includes having hurricane impact windows installed. You never know what the weather might be like each year, especially as it can be so unpredictable now, so when you move into your home it’s best to splash out some cash on some decent windows that will protect against stormy weather. 

Insulate Your Attic 

A good way to ensure that the warmth from your central heating does not escape is to insulate your attic. Warm air tends to rise so you might find that when you have the central heating on it will just naturally drift upwards and escape through any tiny gaps in your attic. This will be a waste of money and heating if your attic is not insulated so you might want to look into this if you have not had this done yet. 


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Paint The Walls a Warm Shade 

Along with soft lighting and warm colors on the walls this will create a more comforting environment, particularly in the evenings. So you may want to choose yellow, orangey tones when you paint the interiors to instantly create a warm atmosphere in the room. 

Wrap Yourself In Soft Throws 

A good accessory to include on your couch or bed is an array of soft throws and cushions. The cozy, soft material will keep you warm and feels really comforting when the weather is cold outside and all you want to do is snuggle indoors with a hot drink with a throw wrapped around you. 

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