How To Make A Side Hustle Look Professional

Putting together a side hustle of your own is no easy feat! You need time, passion, and direction on your side, and the ability to work late hours for your own gain – not everyone can pull off something like that. But even with how impressive a side hustle can be, you need to take it to the next level before it can be turned into a real business. 

After all, putting out shots of your products on Instagram every now and then just won’t cut it! It doesn’t look professional, and only occasionally dipping into branding is a bad way to protect your future plans. Here are some little things to make your side hustle look more professional. 


Pexels Image – CC0 Licence


Pick an Image Template

How many social media posts do you make per day? And amongst those, how many look the same, or follow the same theme? Because without a cohesive template for all branded images to follow, it’s going to be hard to build your look! 

And without a look, people won’t be able to picture your products in their head. So choose a template that features the same colors and fonts. You’re going for a personal style here, and that won’t happen if you just pick the first options in the image editor every time. 


Invest in a Logo

A logo is a great way to bring a sense of brand cohesiveness to your side hustle. It can be printed out and used as stickers on all packaging, it can be displayed on the website and all social media profiles, and it can be the heart of your professional outlook. 

You can design this logo yourself easily, or hire a designer for a budget friendly price to get it done professionally. As long as you’ve got a logo, people will see your hustle as a legitimate business – it’ll certainly make it look bigger than it really is! 


Work with an Expert

Working with a marketing and/or branding expert will be a real step up for your side hustle. After all, it’s nice to bring another head on board, especially if you’re not an advertising expert yourself! And if you’ve got no clue how to proceed, it’s best to just source some advice. 

Rather than go it alone as you’ve been doing for months now, look into reputation experts and see how they can help you. Make sure you check out how well a company like this has performed in the past, and use forums like NetReputation Reviews to verify the facts before signing a contract. 


Pimp Up Your Website

Finally here, if you’ve got a basic website that uses a template, it’s worth it to ‘pimp up’ slightly to make the interface more professional. Change the font, use images as a focal point, dial down the color scheme – these are all easy ways to make a professional change! 


Your side hustle needs a professional upgrade; make it easy to pull off with the tips above. 

Let me know what you think!