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How to Have a Vegan-Friendly Christmas

Vegan cake store – Image Courtesy of Pexels

Perhaps you want to have a Vegan-friendly Christmas this year. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to enjoy Vegan products during the holidays. From food choices to bath soaks, here are some tips for making sure your special time of year is cruelty-free and sustainable.

Don’t Be Afraid to Head Out for Food

The world is much more appreciative of different kinds of food than ever before. Some attention is paid to allergies, intolerances, and preferences. These days, you can even get Vegan at KFC, McDonald’s, and Burger King. So don’t feel like you can only eat certain things when you go out. Vegan menus are available at almost all restaurants that are worth going to. And because of research, plant-based meat tastes better than it ever has, even winning blind taste tests.

Buy Some New Clothing

Most often, animal materials like wool, silk, and suede are used. But synthetics are not good for Vegans either. And clothes and elastics are made with these. So, how do you stay warm at Christmas with the clothes you wear? There are a lot of stylish clothing brands that are vegan-friendly and made from sustainable materials. SUSI Studio is one of the best because its clothes come in many sizes and are made in a way that is good for the environment.

Makeup for a Vegan-Friendly Christmas

No matter what your favorite holiday activities are, you can do them in style with your significant other. A vegan shouldn’t use crushed beetles, beeswax, or urine from animals. Lucky for you, there is a company called Velour Beauty that makes cosmetics that are organic, safe for Vegans, and good for the environment. Look for logos like the green V and the jumping bunny to make sure that the things you buy are really safe to consume as a vegan or vegetarian.

Don’t Miss Out on Chocolate and Sweets

Without sweets, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas. The chocolate itself comes from plants, but it’s usually not vegan when it’s made into treats. In the past, animal gelatin and milk products like protein and milk solids were used to make chocolate products. But you no longer need to miss out on all the fun. Many of the best chocolate companies in the world, like Friar’s, Hotel Chocolat, and Lindt, make chocolate that is safe for vegans and still tastes unbelievable.

Remember to Relax

There could be harmful things in the bath products you get as gifts over Christmas. Especially things like soaps and washes that are used to clean. You can feel good about buying a Vegan product because you know how it was made, how it was tested, and what it is made of. Sky Organics is one of the best Vegan brands on the market. Because of this, you can relax during the holidays without worrying about hurting yourself, animals, or the planet.


It’s easier than ever to have a Vegan-Friendly Christmas.
Restaurants offer Vegan menus, there’s a wide range of Vegan makeup, and relaxing in the bath has never felt so guilt-free.


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