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How to Gain Control of Your Feelings

The first step to controlling your feelings is knowing that you have the power to do so. As long as you are alive, there is always a choice. You can choose how you feel and what emotions come into play in any given situation. It may take some time before this becomes second nature. Still, with practice, it will become easier and easier until one day it seems completely natural for you to be able to control your emotions without even trying!

Photo by Julia Avamotive from Pexels


#1 Understand that every feeling is valid

When you experience something, or someone does something to you (or fails to do something), naturally you will want them or it to change so they give you more of whatever makes you happy or makes your life better instead of the thing that made you sad or caused suffering. It is okay not to be alright all the time, and it can take practice, but we need to learn how to deal with those feelings instead of ignoring them and pretending they don’t exist.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been linked to success in life as much as IQ. People who are able to control their emotions tend to make better decisions because they aren’t letting their feelings cloud judgment; people high on EQ also have more friends, achieve greater heights for themselves at work, and enjoy healthier relationships than those who do not possess a higher EQ level. The benefits of being emotionally intelligent could fill an entire page, so start working towards increasing your own emotional intelligence today!

#2 Express yourself creatively

When we feel something, it’s a natural human response to want to talk about what happened. So whether you enjoy journaling, painting, dancing or playing an instrument, etc., find some way of expressing your feelings through art so that instead of holding in the emotion and feeling like it will explode out of you one day (which could lead to stress-related illnesses), you can let go by creating something beautiful after having had your Kingdom Kratom mood lifter.

#3 Accept, don’t suppress

When you experience any emotion, remember that it’s okay to feel however you’re feeling in the moment. It is your right as a human being to express yourself through emotions, and no one has the power to take this away from you or make judgments about how valid your feelings are – do not let anyone tell you otherwise! 

However, if someone does something which causes sadness or anger inside of us but we know they did not mean anything by their actions (or words), then accept what happened instead of suppressing these emotions because when we suppress them, our bodies release stress hormones into our bloodstreams without having an outlet for those feelings such as conscious breathing techniques.

#4 Meditate

This is probably one of the best ways to gain control over your emotions and change how you feel in a given situation; meditation helps us focus on our conscious breathing, which brings oxygen into our bodies and calms down stress hormones that would otherwise cause us to feel like we’re going crazy. There are different types of meditation: mindfulness, mantra (thought-stopping), visualization, and transcendental (mantra plus deep relaxation) – try each type out for yourself and see what feels right!


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