Healing With A,  Life

Happier ever after ;; version 2015

Everyday we wish for a happier ever after. I know i do. I watch my friends and family with their families and their loved ones & i wish for what they have. I try to imagine my life with that much love & joy. But life, it isn’t all fairy tales & stuff of dreams. Like the quote states.

Reality is much stormier.”

Yes I want a life of bliss, of hope, of love. So much love that i can’t breathe. But a happier ever after doesn’t exsist. Life is so much more complicated then that. Whats the point in life if it’s all sunflowers & daises? We need excitement in our lives, its how we stay alive. There is so much more to life then the constant ‘happy ever after’. Theres heart break, theres loss. And as much as all that hurts, its what keeps us alive. It’s what helps us grow.

We have to make mistakes, to learn from them. It’s what changes us. Its what strengthens us. It’s what makes us, us. Everyone gets a happier ever after. Just not the fairy tale kind. It’s our own version.

Happier ever after / version 2015 😛

Once upon a time. Happily ever after. The stories we tell are the stuff of dreams. Fairy tales don’t come true. Reality is much stormier. Much murkier. Much scarier. Reality. It’s so much more interesting than living happily ever after.

[greys anatomy]


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