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Grimm Woods Book tour && Review!


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A remote summer camp becomes a lurid crime scene when the bodies of two teenagers are found in a bloody, real-life rendering of a classic Grimm’s fairy tale. Trapped in the wilderness, the remaining counsellors must follow a trail of dark children’s fables in order to outwit a psychopath and save the dwindling survivors before falling prey to their own gruesome endings.

Drawing on the grisly, uncensored details of history’s most famous fairy tales, Grimm Woods is a heart-pounding thriller about a deranged killer who uses traditional children’s stories as tropes in elaborate murders. Set against the backdrop of modern-day Michigan, it’s a journey through the mind of a dangerous zealot and a shocking glimpse into the bedtime stories you thought you knew.   


Exclusive to AMAZON


July 7th, 5:44 a.m.

One hacksaw. One hammer, six boxes of
nails. Twelve Mason jars, four hunting knives, two pairs of handcuffs. Fifteen
gallons of gasoline divided evenly among three dented jerry cans.

It’s time.

work glove hovered over the table where the objects were laid out side by side
and began ticking the air as though marking off an invisible checklist. The
chamber reeked of mildew, and the walls had no windows or electrical sockets—no
lamps, no wires, no switch covers. A single red candle provided the only light,
its crimson wax dripping down its shaft like blood.

hand picked up a piece of paper from the table and slipped it into a blank
envelope. Below, a beetle scuttled across the floorboards. The insect—its
gangly antennae tuned to some foul frequency in the gloom—raced past the sole
of a giant boot just as a drop of liquid fell through the air and struck it
dead center, engulfing its body in a hot, gelatinous blob that filled its
orifices and burned it from the inside out. Another droplet tumbled from the
candle, plopping onto the envelope this time, and then a brass stamp came down
and pressed the wax into a hardened seal.

in heavier, raspier breaths, the figure held the envelope up to a corkboard
that was bolted to the wall. More than a dozen pictures of young men and women
were tacked to the panel by their throats and foreheads, smiling in the

figure pinned the envelope to the board and stepped back to take in the room

table and the switchblade.

book of matches.

iron rods, the hatchet, the .22 Smith & Wesson.

smiling faces.

Now, the figure
mused, watching the photographs flicker in the bloodred light. Who’s the
nicest, who’s the worst, who wants to hear a story first?

My Review:

I am a huge book lover, if you haven’t noticed, and this one I was proud to put upon my bookshelf! I was kind of mad I started this at the time when I didn’t really have the time to devour myself into the book because putting it down was so hard! You have read what it’s about, & you have read the Expert. I am not giving anything away because that would be wrong BUT I have got to say that it is not what you think. I fell in love & I truly believe you will too!

About D. Melhoff

D. Melhoff was born in a prairie ghost town that few people have heard of and even fewer have visited. While most of his stories are for adults, he also enjoys terrifying younger audiences from time to time, as seen in his series of twisted picture books for children. He credits King, Poe, Hitchcock, Harris, Stoker, and his second grade school teacher, Mrs. Lake, for turning him to horror. For more information, visit


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