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Week One: Great Finds Fridays!

Good Afternoon! I know I haven’t blogged in awhile, I’ve just been super busy! But I am very excited about today’s blog and if your a writer than I am sure you will love this! 

[if you don’t already own it]

So today is the first week I will be starting..

*drum-roll please*

I am just so excited about this! I am always finding things that i love so much, and now I have decided to share them with you! So onto today’s great find!

“642 Things to write about”


Topic today: Writer Finds

Location of find: Target

I am just obsessed! Each page gives you different things to write about, and the best part of it is that it makes you think outside the box! I am a writer, and right now I am writing a book but I’ve been stuck. 

*Oh the joys of writers block.. blehh*

When I saw this book though, it was like a light-bulb went off in my head. Maybe this is the book that I needed! Most of the scenarios and things they ask you write about I would have NEVER thought about. I knew as soon as I read some of the scenarios that it was the book for me. I want the book im writing to be about something different, not just about me & what i have been thru but something more outside the box.

I have been writing for years, whether it be poetry, blogs or just in my journal. But I have never challenged myself as much as this book will do, and I think thats what excites me the most. Not really knowing what I am actually capable of and exploring that further. 

So if you are a writer/blogger just like me i suggest you go find this book if you don’t already own it. I promise it’ll be the best $18 you spend! If my sister, who by the way doesn’t write at all, loves this book.. I highly doubt ya’ll wont be disappointed! 

And thanks to this book I have decided on something else for my blog…

Things to Write About Thursdays!

Every Thursday i am going to pick one thing from the book and just write. 

I have a lot of plans for myself and this blog & I hope you will follow me along with this journey!!

Answer me this:

Page One, First Scenario:

What can happen in a second


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Let me know what you think!