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Homemade Chicken Pesto

So last night i decided to experiment with my chicken! I love to cook & come up with new things! I really wanted pesto chicken but i didn’t have basil leaves or mint leaves so I had to compromise. Which ended up being the best thing I have made in such a long time!!! && because it was so good I decided to let you guys now the recipe!

So here it is!


– Boneless Chicken

– Adobo

– Salt & Pepper to taste

– Fresh Mozzarella

– Dill

– Kale leaves

– 1/2 of an Avocado

– Basil Pesto Grape seed oil

Pesto Recipe:

First put a handful of kale into the blender. 

I used my Ninja Chopper which is amazing! 

( i got it at Target )

And then i added 2 tablespoons of the Basil Pesto Grape Seed Oil.

Which is a perfect substitute for not having basil leaves or mint leaves! 

Also it is all natural & so good!

( you can buy it here )

Then i scooped out half of an Avocado.

I added that & some dill to the Ninja.

Then BLEND! 🙂

Chicken Recipe:

First I seasoned the chicken with Adobo, Salt & pepper.

Then I added the Pesto & Mozzarella.

I also dribbled some Grape Seed Oil on top as well to have the taste go into the cheese. 

Which ended up tasting so good!

Then I put it in the oven @ 375 degrees for about a half hour. 

But honestly the only way to really determine how long to keep in your chicken all depends on how thick your chicken is.

&& Then perfection! 

Or at least in my eyes & my sisters! LOL

If you make this please leave a comment & let me know how it turned out! 

Would love to hear opinions!

Let me know what you think!