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Fighting the Winter Blues Together: 6 Tips to Support Your Loved Ones

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If you have been feeling down and lonely in the past few days, you might have caught the
winter blues. It is only normal to feel a little low after the rush and excitement of the holiday period. However, this year, it is all made even more complicated by the fact that we also have to deal with an ongoing pandemic, travel restrictions, and an always-changing set of social distancing measures. 

So, it is not difficult to see how someone could feel demotivated, low, and anxious. However, just like you have been feeling the effects of this particular month of the year, your loved ones might be fighting their own battles too. And, while coming out of our shell can be difficult, helping the ones around us can give us happiness and purpose. Start with the simple tips below. 

Make Time for Virtual Catchups

The current social distancing measures have changed many aspects of our lives and have made it even more challenging for us to keep nurturing our relationships. However, now that the holiday season is over, human contact and socialization are crucial to make it through this gloomy month. 

So, while trying to juggle your chores, homeschooling, and working from home, make sure you have time for a well-deserved virtual catch up with your friends. Indeed, if there is something to be grateful for during this pandemic is the technology that allows us to keep close. Virtual catch-ups are a great way to keep in touch and offer support to the other person. Start today!

Find Something New to Look Forward To

If you and your family members feel like there is not much to look forward to during this time of the year, then create something! Of course, during October and November, we are all looking forward to the holidays, while during Spring, we can already start smelling the sweet scent of summer. However, during this winter months’ window, things seem to be too still to have something to look forward to. 

So, make sure to create something that both you and your loved ones can start preparing for or dream about. Of course, it is wise to keep expectations low, especially as we are not sure how the pandemic will develop. However, thinking about a nice walk at the beach together, virtual catch-ups or a shopping trip at the end of the lockdown is all you need!

Provide Your Elderly Loved Ones with the Right Care

Of course, the January blues affect everybody in different ways. However, your elderly friends or family members are the ones that suffer the most during this time of the year. Indeed, they might suffer from reduced mobility, which causes them to remain indoors for prolonged time frames. In turn, this, as well as limited human contact, can cause them to feel even lower. 

Understanding this and finding appropriate senior care solutions can help you look after your loved ones in the best way. 

Stay Active Together

If there is something that many governments have not prohibited is outdoor exercise. So whether you are heading to the park for jogging, yoga, or Tai Chi, make sure you are getting out there together! Finding a training buddy can help you keep up with your new fitness goals and new year’s resolutions. 

At the same time, regular exercise can help you keep fit – which will increase your confidence level – and become stronger. Through exercise, you can also protect your immune system and experience that “runners’ high” feeling of motivation and happiness. There is nothing better to fight the January blues!

Take Walks Outside

When it comes down to lifting your mood, nothing works as well as a walk among nature. Of course, walking gives you the chance to clear your mind, relax, and even try some form of walking meditation. However, there are also other great benefits associated with spending time in nature. 

Indeed, fresh air and sunlight can help you fight seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and regain your energy. Speak to your doctor to understand what lifestyle you should be following!

Encourage Healthy Eating

During these months of the year, it is crucial to look after our own wellbeing. Of course, the best way to do so is through exercise, nutrition, and self-care. However, it is also important to encourage the ones around us to look after themselves in the best way. 

Therefore, if you have noticed that one of your loved ones is feeling low, stressed, or anxious, you should help them embrace a healthier lifestyle. And what’s better than doing so together? Having someone to share the challenges ahead with can help both of you keep up with your goals and regain your motivation.

Let me know what you think!