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Everybody wishes for something. Whether its world peace or that you hope when you get home that piece of chocolate cake is still where you left it. It doesn’t matter whether its a huge wish or just an inkling of a wish. It’s still something you want. Something you hope for. Everybody has them, but not everybody gets them.  I have them. I have a lot of wishes. Some of them minor, some of them mean the world to me. And most of those dreams will come true, one day. But in order for that to happen. In order for me to be able to say i got that i got my wish. I have to work. And I have to work very hard.

I moved to Florida before to move on. To be the person that i know i could be. To be the person I wished about on my birthdays, on my eyelashes, and on those few lucky stars. I want to go to school, and finally get a degree. I wish that one day my friends will look at me and say ‘I am so proud of you’. I wish that one day I will be able to make a difference. Whether it’s in my life, or in others and that’s the main reason why I am going back to FL.

I wish that one day I will have my own house. With my own land. A land big enough so that one day i can have a wish that I’ve wished for since I was a little girl. A horse. And when I get this house, that’s when i’ll be proud of myself. Because i’ll know that i did it on my own. That I put my hard work into everything I did to accomplish my wish.

I may be single. But I am a strong, confident, & hard-working women who will make her wishes come true.

Just you watch & see 😛

We all get at least one good wish a year, over the candles on our birthday. Some of us throw in more, on eyelashes, fountains, lucky stars. And every now and then, one of those wishes comes true. So what then? Is it as good as we’d hoped? Do we bask in the warm glow of our happiness… or do we just notice we’ve got a long list of other wishes waiting to be wished.’ 

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[re-post from an old blog I had before this one, I will be posting a few from an old blog that I loved & don’t want to get lost. I want them to be shared with all of you. I want them to make an impact for others rather than just being there but not shown. Hope you like!]


  • Fiona

    Beautiful post. I love reading posts like this where you can see into the heart of the blogger. I have many different wishes, my main one is for happiness.

  • Jessica Kraft

    Loved reading this post! Everyone has their own individual wishes and mine are usually for my son. The world is so scary today and I just wish I could be there to protect him forever every step of the way!

  • Lisa Rios

    Such a beautiful post, loved reading it. Yes, we all have our own wishes, which are different & some being pretty unique as well. I always feel we can achieve them if we plan it to the perfection & some might turn in to dreams, but it is how life has to go!

  • Cara W

    I used to keep my wishes a secret, but later on I realize my wishes are mostly goals I long to strive for. So to help me sometimes I put my goals out there in the blogosphere so that I can get the community support to help me towards achieving them. 🙂

  • Amanda Kee

    I love this!!! I like to keep my wishes to myself but they are pretty basic. I am in college, trying my hardest to get through and I'm like UGH. I get it! Totally. We all wish for something, it's just about making sure it happens and doing everything we can to get where we wish to be in life!!! Great post!!!

  • Deb

    Beautiful post, Angie! I adore hearing what comes from the heart, it touches and makes a connection. We're are all about following our wishes and dreams, it is what life is about, love and living to the fullest. Life is short, we say, let's go for "it!"

  • Ashley @ Growing Up Momma

    Oddly enough, I too moved to FL to become the woman I wished to be. Though I didn't find her there, I did begin to create her- and now, five years from my last day in sunny Orlando, I can truly say that moving to Florida was the very beginning of a wish fulfilled. I wish the same for you, whether it is in Florida or back wherever home may be for you- don't give up! xo

  • Angelic Sinova

    Love this! I definitely wish for a lot of things but I also put in the hard work to make those wishes/dreams come true! It's important to go for things you really want and not just wait for them to happen! Grant your own wishes <3

  • spiffykerms

    I like to keep my wishes secret, because I will get disapointed if they don't come true. Maybe one day I will share it with the world, but I'm crossing my fingers for my 2015 wish though!

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