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Decorating Ideas For A Christening


Your baby’s christening is one of the most important occasions in your and your baby’s lives. There are many things you have to think about, because it can be stressful planning such a big event. After all, it is not just any party; this is where your baby is introduced to the world of Christianity and a party to introduce your new bundle of joy to your friends and family. So let’s help take the strain away. 

Make sure you add some fun

When it comes to the party itself, add some fun to the equation. Think about exciting ways to get guests involved. You can check https://www.cornholeworldwide.com/themed-cornhole-games/ for a good example of family-friendly games, which can actually be themed so that they become part of the decoration. Great, right?

Decorating with balloons is the easiest way forward

But, what do you consider?

Color – Although this might seem obvious; pink for a girl, blue for a boy. You could choose to skirt around tradition and go for a color which is much more unique. If you would like to keep it classy you could choose a color scheme of cream or gold. Cream is not gender specific and will keep your decorations simple and classic and gold is for a touch of luxury and royalty, as your baby is your little prince or princess after all. Alternatively you could go for yellow christening balloons. Yellow is the color of sunshine and sunflowers, a natural color signifying cheerfulness and life. If you prefer something more colorful that is a bit different you could go for purple or turquoise. Both colors can be used for girls and boys. Purple signifies creativity and imagination while turquoise is the color of the ocean and signifies sensitivity, heart and love. Use your christening balloons to represent yourself and your child.

Print– Instead of using plain colored balloons you could have them printed. This is particularly lovely for christenings as you can have your child’s name, date of birth, date of the christening and place of the christening printed onto the balloons. This makes your christening balloons unique to your child and your guests will feel they are a part of a big event in your child’s life, rather than just attending yet another christening. You can also keep the balloons as a wonderful keepsake to put in the baby book once they have deflated to always remember the occasion.

Arrangement– Now that you have chosen the color and print of your christening balloons, you need to decide what it is you would like to do with them. One popular way to arrange balloons is into bouquets of 3 or 5 to use as table centerpieces. This jazzes up bare furniture and means you can artfully arrange color themes together. You could also just create a kind balloon bunting to hang across the ceiling or build a balloon arch for the entrance and exit of the venue. If you want to be really original you could even shape your balloons into the name of your child as a lovely decorative feature. If you want to go one step further you could even try creating a kind of balloon sculpture by using your christening balloons to build animal shapes, characters, letters or numbers. 

Your baby’s christening is a wonderful time for family and friends to come together to celebrate the beginning of your child’s life and welcome them to faith. There are many ways you can be really inventive with christening balloons to make your christening decorations full of personality and stand out, helping your baby’s christening become a memorable and momentous occasion.

Let me know what you think!