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30 Day Blog Challenge Day 6

Day 6: What band or musician is most important to you?

I would have to go with NSYNC. I know old school right? But
that is why I choose them. I love all types of music from classical to country
to hip hop and r & b. I love how one song can bring back so many memories.
How listening to a song you haven’t heard in such a long while can bring you
back to time that you may have forgotten, whether it be good or bad. The power
of music is absolutely amazing.

That’s why I choose NSYNC. Anytime I hear their songs it
brings me back to my younger years. Where life wasn’t as complicated as it is
today, when all you had to worry about was scrapped knees & cooties. I can
play ‘I want you back’ and my mind automatically goes back to my yai yai’s
house, sitting in the spare room off of the kitchen, waiting in anticipation
for MTV to play the music video for the first time. Every time I think of NSYNC
not only do I remember the 13 concerts I went to, [yes I said 13! #noshame] but
it takes me back to the days when I used to spend every weekend at my
grandparents house in the city. The smell of pancakes in the morning, trying
coffee for the first time, it’s these types of memories that I love to replay
over and over again.

That’s the power one song, or in this case one band, can
have over your memory and your life. So now you know a little bit more about
me. I told you in the first blog, things I share with you, will surprise even
the people who think they know me the most.

Until next time.. *kisses* xoxo

Let me know what you think!