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30 Day Challenge Day 3

I know I know I’ve been slacking! With working the overnight
shift it takes a toll on your life & body so I may not be able to post the
log that day but no worries because I will eventually put it up! I refuse to
slack completely! 😛

Whelp, enjoy!

Day 3: Your day in detail!

Well it figures today of all days was the day this fell on!
Well my day started at 6:30am. I had work all morning which was great besides
the fact that I really didn’t feel all that well, but it was ok! They let me go
early since I had to be back into work tonight at midnight. Yeah I know crazy,
right?! I thought I was going to go home & rest but no such luck! What I
ended up doing was so much better!

I got to hang out with my girl Tempo! We ended up having a
blast. We ended up going out for coffee, dinner & shopping!

Coffee: Starbucks, of course! Pumpkin spice latte & a
pumpkin cream cheese filled muffin! So delicious! The Starbucks in Mays
Landing, NJ is great! Granted I became Dana for a day 😛 But I defiantly
recommend if you’re in the area to stop by! They are always so nice & sweet
no matter how busy they are!

Dinner: Tokyo Hibachi Sushi & Buffet. I have never been
there before and I really wanted to try it out. I wasn’t 100% impressed.
Whenever I do go back it’ll be during lunch because I can’t fathom spending
$18.18 for dinner again. Times are tough! Lol! The place is very nice though.

Shopping: Christmas Tree Shop, Asia Supermarket, Dollar
Tree, & Target.

I am obsessed with the Christmas Tree Shop! I ended up
getting so many things! I am a pumpkin-a-holic so I got some pumpkin spice
& apple pumpkin hand soap! LOVE! I also got a pillow, which I am in love
with!  This place has everything you’re
looking for from decorations for the holidays to kid’s toys to food. All at
very reasonable prices!! I love going there for home décor, mugs & wine
glasses & of course decorations for the holidays! If you ever drive by a
store be sure to stop in, I promise it’ll be totally worth it!!

I have never been to the Asia Supermarket in Pleasantville,
NJ but I can promise it won’t be my last trip! I absolutely loved it! I am
defiantly kicking myself in the head for never stopping in before! I finally
tried the POP soda (see below) & it was so good! Green Apple is amazing!
The strawberry is really good too! This store has so much I never even heard of
and it gave me so many different ideas for recipes that I can’t wait to start
cooking! They also have a restaurant & bakery inside as well. I haven’t
tried either place out yet but I can’t wait too!

When it comes to target, I get in trouble when walking in
there. I never leave without spending over $40, I always have to go with
someone so they stop me from spending my whole check! I am addicted to the
store, but really who isn’t?! You got to admit they are amazing!

After doing all of that I went back home. Gave my sister the
London mug I bought her from the Christmas Tree Shop, which she loved by the
way, and then took a power nap before heading back to work for the graveyard

So that was my day! Hope yours was just as great!

Let me know what you think!