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#BrewsWithAttitude 2016 Coverage!

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the #BrewsWithAttitude event held at the TPepin’s Hospitality Centre located in Tampa, FL! The offer came at the most perfect time, too. My best friend was coming up for a week to visit me and she had sent me the Facebook invite telling me she wanted to go and as luck might have it the next day I got the invite to cover the event for my blog and to top it off I had off that night from work without even asking for it! So as you can just tell everything worked out perfectly for us and we couldn’t have been more excited about attending!

This video was taken when I walked inside the Pepin Hospitality Centre! The set up inside was amazing and even though it was crowded the way they had everything set up made it so much less chaotic to maneuver around. I was so impressed with all the vendors that showed up. Everybody from Stella, Magic Hat, Big Top, Shock Top, Florida Avenue & more!  

In this picture: Stella Beer (to the left) Stella Cider (to the right)

I love the around the neck cups they gave us to walk around and use to sample all the beers! I’m not a germ crazy type of person but when I am trying different kinds of beer I want to make sure I am not mixing the flavors. So the fact that every time we went up to another vendor they always washed it out for us before pouring their beer/cider into it made me feel so much better! 

Check out the photos below for some of the different beers I did try:

(I obviously couldn’t get a picture of every beer I tried.. because there was A LOT but I got a picture of my favorites my main one being the Stella pictured above!)

Unholy Trippel by Coppertail
Coco Cidra my second favorite!!
Seriously in love! Wild Ginger & Wild Root.

I was very impressed with all of the beer, wine, and cider that I got to try. I was even more impressed with the how friendly and accommodating all the vendors were! I had a few conversations with the vendors and they were all so nice. I explained to them that I am more of a wine drinker than a beer drinker, that the only kind of beer I normally drink is either Budweiser or Corona. After explaining this to all of them they pointed me to my perfect fit (beer wise) and I think maybe just once I didn’t like the beer. 

It was also so thoughtful of them to be giving out free bottles of water to everyone who attended as well! These coolers were placed around the event in order to keep everyone hydrated which I really thought was amazing!

Now onto the food!!!

This was taken from the entrance and as you can see there were so many food trucks available for the picking! I guess they knew once you get to drinking the munchies start to kick in! LOL. The lines weren’t too bad when it came time for us to eat. Even though they looked really long we didn’t have to wait as long as we thought we would.

By the time we went to eat all I wanted was spicy so I was so excited to see this food truck had Jerk Chicken Tacos. Exactly what I was craving! My girl got the Boom Boom Boneless Chicken which was also so good.

Both pictured below:


Besides having the food trucks and brewing company vendors there they also had a clothing and accessory truck there called Gypsy Junque:

I wish I brought more money than I did because the items she was selling were beautiful! From the jewelry, dream catchers & clothes it was all just so beautiful and unique! I wish she had a shop for me to buy at but unfortunately she only works out of her truck. I did find out that she does any kind of party so if you are interested (as you really should be!) you can find her on FacebookInstagram.

This was seriously one of the best events I have been too in such a long time. I was so honored to be apart of covering this event and I really hope to be apart of it again next year! 


  • Latsyrc728

    Great recap! I am happy that you had such a great time. I am always happy to hear that someone that drinks Bud and Corona gets to expand their taste buds and try craft beer. It's SO much better. Did you see the wine on tap too? Ohh and I love the free water. I forgot to mention it in my post.

    • Angela K

      Yes i saw the wine on tap and I wanted to try it so bad but I can't mix beer and wine so I just stuck with the beer LOL. It realy was such a great event!

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