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Book Tour for Teen Zombie Show by David Santo!

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Teen Zombie Show:

Secret confessions of the real characters by David Santo

Teen Zombie Show

Book Adaptation Tour

May 2nd-31st,


Top 10 finalist at the Cannes Film Festival in

the TV category

Winner of the 2016 Gold Remi Award for TV writing


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 TITLE: Teen Zombie

Show: Secret confessions  the real characters (a companion guide to the TV

pilot script entitled TEEN ZOMBIE SHOW)

AUTHOR: David Santo

PUBLISHED: January 2, 2016

PUBLISHER: Bad Back Productions

GENRE: Y/A fiction



This tell-all companion guide to the TEEN ZOMBIE SHOW reveals secret information and true

events that helped shape and inform the creation of the TV series. It is the perfect

insider’s guide on how and why the show was created. In short, by reading this, you

will know things that others don’t.


This book is available exclusively on

Amazon Kindle:








There’s nothing like a man / zombie in a military uniform to make you swoon. But,

get this – he could talk! This is very different than the TV series.

In the show, Za can’t speak. Now, he did spend months unable to communicate. So, I

guess the producers thought this made a better character – or they never did a

follow-up on the real people I based the script on. Whatever the case; the guy /

zombie I met could speak.

Now, his speech was labored like every word that came out of his mouth required

great concentration. So, I dispensed with the chitchat, and got right into it. He does

not really remember much before Sugar found him. But he’s certain that he was

normal. He pulls out a tattered slip of paper with some kind of official college

writing on it like a report card or something. There’s no logo, only a collegiate font. I

ask him if he thought that he was a college student. He answers…

Yes. Freshman. I ask how he knows this, and he just shrugs his shoulders. I ask if

he’s happy. He holds Sugar’s hand and enthusiastically replies…


Now, I know when a man is in love, and trust me, this dude is in love. He’s got it bad.

I try to find out any information I can about his past but there’s just not much there

for him to remember. And, he’s getting frustrated at my approach. So, I switch up

and talk about the things he likes right now.

His favorite Food? Chocolate chips cookies.

Favorite Band? Guns and Roses (because Sugar likes them).

Favorite TV show? Steven Universe.

Then, Sugar asks me if I want to see the most amazing thing ever.



“Just read this and I have to say, I’m really excited to see this beauty on

my TV screen. What’s in this lovely little book is beyond belief!”

Lyndzie P.

“This book and the pilot script, takes a close look at a small town girl

named Sugar, who searches for the man of her dreams, but “happily ever after” gets

tricky when her Prince Charming turns out to be a zombie.”

Parvati A.



David Santo

I have won multiple screenwriting awards. Sold 5 scripts. 3 published books. My

book on how to write screenplays went to #1 on Amazon Kindle in the performing

arts category. You can learn more about me at…


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When you’re not writing, what do you like to read? 

I’m a screenwriter by trade, so a screenwriting book is usually my constant


How do you find your inspiration? 

I hate to go all Zen on you, but inspiration is everywhere and everything. I

constantly find it to be an unending well to tap into. 

What is your writing schedule like? 

I write in short bursts every day all day. On an hour. Off an hour. That kind of thing.

When I was first starting out, I’d write continuously – straight through the day or

idea or assignment until it was complete. But, that’s a quick way to burn out. That’s

why I adopted this on-off-on approach. It allows me to go for years and years and

not get fatigued. 

Are you a pantser or plotter? 

Plotter. Panster = unemployment if you’re writing scripts for clients. They want to

see a synopsis, treatment, step outline, etc., to insure I’m on course with their ideas. 

What inspired your current story? 

This book is a companion guide to my pilot script entitled TEEN ZOMBIE SHOW. So,

this book was really informed by the creation of the TV concept and series script. 

What authors/books influences your work? 

Professor Richard Walter is the screenwriting Chairman at UCLA. His books have

been most influential to me – notably – ESSENTIALS OF SCREENWRITING. 

How does your story stand out from the crowd? 

Zombies are ubiquitous. They’re everywhere now – like cell phones. This zombie is a

shy, neat freak that likes to eat chocolate chip cookies, and helping people. He’s

more of a monk than a monster.

Are you a full-time or part-time writer? 

Full-time. And, I got the emotional scars, and the lame bank account to prove it. 

Which three words would you use to describe this book? 

Fun. Fast. Fresh. Interesting. (sorry, this question is so cliché’, I am obligated to

mock it). 

Do you have any crazy/unusual writing habits? 

Nope. I’m boring. I write my pages. Then, I write more pages. Then, I clean the toilet. 

What are you working on now? 

A female superhero called RAT GIRL. You can find her on the web by googling

ratgirlcomic.wordpress. I had a comic book deal for her a few years back. I’m re-

booting her franchise by writing a one-hour TV pilot based on the same character. 

If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your book, who

would play your characters? 

Screenwriters can, and do, get fired if they put their nose where it doesn’t belong,

and that includes acting like a casting director. So, you’ll get nothing out of me. 

What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors? 

1. Write. 2. Be prepared to suck for prolonged periods of time. 

What do you think is the future of reading/writing? 

I’m constantly surprised by people that still want to hold a physical book in their

hands. Everything is moving to the cloud, yet people still want that kinesthetic

tactile experience of holding a book and bending the pages. I do it myself. 

What process did you go through to get your book published? 

This is the first book that I self-published. It’s such a weird book that I didn’t even

try to shop it in the conventional sense. 

What makes your book stand out from the crowd? 

The G rated “mom-approved zombie fun” aspect is new. And, the fact that it’s a

companion guide that gives the reader a behind the scenes look at the TV pilot is

pretty cool. 

What is your biggest fear when writing? 

Knowing failure is the inevitable result of almost everything I do, waiting to see how

it unfolds can be a bit nerve racking. 

If you had a superpower or ability, what would it be? 

Flying. Naked. With other naked superheroes because it would be more fun with

company. Then, we’d force people to listen to 80’s Euro bands like The Smith’s until

all of humanity agreed they were the best band ever. 

Which character are you most like? 

All of them. 

What would a reader be shocked to learn about you? 

Nothing (other than the naked flying Smith’s thing). 

If you could spend one day with a character who would it be and what would

you do? 

I’d spend a day with the lead character of the book, Sugar Willowick, so I could get

more hip to her unique brand of sarcasm. 

Which character would you want as your partner in a fight? 

Sugar’s mom, Lorraine. She’s actually up for a fight. 

Which character would you party with? 

Grandma Willowick. She’s done things that would make Burning Man blush. 

Leather gear or jeans & t-shirt? 


Blades, guns or magic? 

I have no clue what that means? Let me consult with my nerd friends and get back

with you. 

Books or Sneakers? 

Again, clueless. That’ll be question #2 for my homies. 

Who is your favorite character any why? 

Sugar. She’s so smart and so funny. I wish I was like her.

How about favorite author? 

I know this writer – you can find her on Twitter – @therobotjane. She

writes great. 

How many books do you expect to be in this series? 

I would love to write several more – one based on each of the co-leads. 

Without giving anything away, what can readers expect from future books in

this series? 

The depth of Sugar’s intellect will be explored. Her love relationship with a zombie

looks pretty juicy to me. And, the interpersonal dynamics of a grandmother-mother-

daughter relationship also looks awesome to explore.

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