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BloggyCon15 at Cedar point, OH!

Good afternoon everyone! Can I just say that I am just so excited to share with you my experience at BloggyCon15! I met so many amazing bloggers, got some really great advice and did i mention how inspirational and motivating the speakers were?! No? Well they were! 

This was my very first Blog Conference so I honestly had no idea what to expect. Like most of you already know, I am fairly new to this and i just wanted to gather up all the advice that I could get because writing/blogging has always been passion and I would love to make a career out of this. It’s not about the money, it never has been. It has been about the passion, and the love I have for this. Writing in general has been a passion of mine since I was a wee little one. I love being able to give advice to others whether it be about life, love, products, books, or even travel. So when I saw that they were having BloggyCon15 I jumped at the opportunity to go! I have never been to Ohio so I was all for it. My mother, who has supported me in more ways than I can count, jumped at it as well. We figured it was a win win; She got to shop around Sandusky, OH while  I got to go to a blog conference.

 So we bought the tickets and a few months later we hopped in the car and road-tripped from sunny Florida to Sandusky, OH. We put on our Johnny Cash, Walk the Line Soundtrack and other oldies into the CD player and got to driving! It was only an 18 hour trip (maybe a little longer since we stopped A LOT) but it was so worth it. My mom and I road trip a lot but usually from FL to NJ (which is about the same distance) so to us it was nothing. 

When we got to Hotel Breaker’s in Cedar Point, OH I was like a little kid in a candy store. Way too excited.. (if thats even a thing! lol). I did not stay at Hotel Breakers, but will make it a point to do so next time because from what I saw from the lobby it was Spooktacular! 

Can you say creeping awesome!? The last photo is honestly my favorite creepy photo they had up. I don’t know why but I love it! I was really upset I wasn’t able to get to go to the Cedar Point Park and go to the Halloween bash because I heard so many wonderful things about it but I WILL make a point to go next year!

Now onto the Conference! 

I snapped this photo as I was walking to the conference. It was so beautiful I just couldn’t pass it up!!

I met so many different blogger’s while at the conference, and it is honestly so crazy how different each and everyone of us are. I won’t lie, when I first started blogging I was terrified because there were so many of us out there. One of the things I learned is that there may be millions of us out there but each and everyone one of us bring our own quirks and personality to the table that make us different. Honestly listening to all the motivational speakers gave me so much more confidence and ideas when it came to my blog. 

I honestly want to give a shout out to my favorite speakers from the conference:

The North Iowa Blogger’s

There session on ‘Local Connections Matter No Matter Where You Live’ was the most inspiring stories and advice I could have ever gotten. They inspired me to go home and connect with bloggers from around my area. Now 3 of us have a lunch date next week which I can’t wait for! They really showed how having local connections matter no matter where you live or how many there are of you. The stories they shared and the advice they gave me will satick with me through out my blogging journey and I couldn’t be happier so thank you Sara, Jeni and Donna! Talking with you guys made my whole conference!

Claudia Krusch 

Her session on how to craft a proposal a close the deal was
so helpful to me. Being that I am very new to this it was great to learn the
dos and don’ts on what to say and what not to say to the company you are trying
to pitch. She even gave everyone her email address and told us if we need any
help with a proposal she would help! She is such a busy woman so to offer to
take time out of her day to help us individually is just amazing to me! You
don’ find that kind of help now a days. So thank you so much Claudia for all
the advice you gave me and for the chance to ask for your help in the future!

There were so many other speakers I got to listen too (you
find them on the website I linked up earlier in this post) and they were all so
great! I could go on for pages about this conference but I’m not trying to
overwhelm you. The other great thing about this conference is that they had
food waiting for you as you came in! Breakfast and lunch was served, as seen in
the pictures below. It was all delicious and so generous of them.

I can’t wait until BloggyCon16! It will be great to see who I’ll meet then and even how evolved my blog and I become! As we all know, so much can happen in one year.


Let me know what you think!