A Few Things That Go in the Perfect Toddler Bedroom

As your children grow, they are going to change. They may have started in a crib next to your bed, but soon enough they are going to be going into their own bedroom and from a very young age you want to teach your child that this is a space that is their own. As they become toddlers from babies, your child is going to develop different tastes and interests. It’s so important that you reflect their needs, interests and taste in their bedroom. 

This is a safe space, and the toddlers are having a very interesting time as this is where they learn the skills and increase their independence. From buying Cuckooland’s kids beds, to ensuring they have blankets on the bed that make them feel safe, you need to know what things are perfect in your toddlers bedroom. We’ve got that list for you below. 

Image source: Pexels


  • Lots of color. Young children need stimulation, but when it comes to bedtime the colors change. Packing the bedroom with purples and soft blue, can help with color psychology. When children see certain colors, they calm down and they feel that this is a space that is going to soothe them. If the room is not visually appealing, it’s very unlikely that they would want to spend any time in there. You may have feature walls or patterns, characters or borders. No matter what you do, add lots of color in some way, shape or form. Your toddler will love it.
  • Buy the right bed. One of the most important pieces of furniture in your toddlers bedroom is that bad. Choosing one that’s the correct size, and not too high off the floor is very important. There is no use in having high beds for toddlers because they can fall out of it and given the age and size, really hurt themselves. Choose a bed that is inviting with the right amount of bedding and pillows so that your toddlers feel safe
  • Make sure they have a devoted playspace. A play area is so important in the toddler bedroom, because they are looking to play and have fun. Bedrooms are practical, and they’re good places for your toddlers to sleep, but it’s also a personal space where they’re going to enjoy spending time doing some of their favorite activities. They need an area of their bedroom that is devoted to play and fun, but it can be reading fun or quiet play rather than noisy toys.
  • You need storage. Toddlers come with a lot of stuff, so make sure that you have the right storage towers for their books, toys, blankets, bedding and even their clothing.
  • A bookcase. It doesn’t matter that your toddler is not at a reading level yet, the point is that you are! If you create a reading book in their bedroom, with a rug, cozy chair for you both to sit in and a bookshelf full of their favorite books, they will have someone they love to take themselves to unwind and relax.

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