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A Few Breakfast Ideas to Help On-The-Goers!

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Breakfast is, for many people, the most important meal of the day. If they are always in a rush in the morning (like myself) and they don’t have time time make a good meal, the right breakfast can set them up for a very productive day. For most people, it’s more about finding healthy snacks to keep you going but arguably, breakfast is what will keep you feeling satisfied and give you that energy you need to push through the difficult parts, especially if you are doing the school run or trying to get to work on time. I work very early in the morning, and not being a huge morning person I tend to grab the coffee and hit the road without a bite to eat. I recently joined WW and you have to eat your points, meaning.. no more skipping breakfast for me. With this in mind, let’s give you some well-balanced healthy and alternative breakfast ideas to keep you feeling satisfied.

Kefir Overnight Oats

Overnight oats have been the breakfast of choice for people watching their weight. It’s such an easy breakfast to put together; all you need is oats, your choice of berries and low-fat yogurt. Kefir adds a sourness that normal yogurt wouldn’t. And the benefit of Kefir is that you are having more beneficial gut bacteria. If you’re trying to eat healthily, this can make all the difference. And the great thing about this breakfast is that it’s so low in fat that if you’re looking for more breakfast ideas for weight watchers, there are so many more out there! But as far as a quick and easy breakfast is concerned, all you have got to do is put it together quickly the night before and grab it before you leave the house.

Butter Coffee

Definitely an acquired taste but for those people that have been following the high-fat low carb diet or have been trying to dip their toe into the Bulletproof way of living, butter coffee can seem like an incredibly strange concoction. Arguably, if you want to lose weight, filling up on fat is one of the best approaches. And for those people that feel that fat is the enemy there are numerous studies out there that are showing this to not be the case. There are such things as healthy fats. So if you are looking to try a ketogenic diet or trying to curb your hunger, this will help you go a long way.

Breakfast Hash

If you want a meal that spans the rainbow of vegetables but still feels a little bit naughty, this breakfast hash can be all things to all people. Chop up your vegetables the night before, add some chorizo or bacon, and put it all in the oven while you are getting yourself ready. 10 minutes before it’s done, crack open an egg and you’ve got such a hearty breakfast that you won’t want lunch! We need meals that are quick and easy to make but also satisfying. This breakfast hash meal is something you can play with to incorporate different flavors depending on your mood.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and whether you want something light and hearty or completely left field, these three approaches should give you a good idea of where to take your breakfast next!

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