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6 Vegetarian Street Food Recipes to Spice Up Your Kitchen!3

Who needs to travel to an exotic destination when you can make amazing Asian street food at home? Here are some great recipe ideas to get all those exciting aromas filling up your kitchen. Whether it’s Thai, Indian, or Chinese you desire for dinner, with the right spices and know-how, you can rustle up your own. Impress your family and friends with these tasty treats. I for one cannot wait to make these recipes!

Thai Corn Cakes

These little appetizers are quick to prepare and perfect for snacking. Combine fresh corn with lemongrass, ginger and curry paste, and a standard batter mix. Pulse the mixture and roll into little patties. These are then ready to be fried and in minutes you’ll have the perfect vegetarian treats. Serve with pickled cucumbers. Check out this easy recipe online

Vegan Banh Mi

This is a sort of Vietnamese take on a salad baguette, full of healthy greens and crisp carrots. Try this vegan option. It’s famous for its colorful ingredients so add as many shades of fresh veg you can find to create your own rainbow baguette. It’s perfect for lunchboxes. 


Chole Bhatura

This classic Punjabi street food is made from spicy chickpeas and bhatura bread. It’s totally vegetarian and low-calorie too, without compromising on taste. The aromatic blend of cardamom, cinnamon, and chili gives this take on chana masala its distinct Punjabi flavor. See here for the full recipe. It’s often eaten as a breakfast dish, but you can serve it whenever you like. If you would like to have a go at more Indian dishes, try these ragda patties from Cubes N Juliennes.



Indian Frankie is basically a vegetarian burrito-style wrap filled with hot spices and creamy potatoes. You can make your own variations, but the classic is a creamed potato filling, topped with aromatic chickpeas, cauliflower, and a mint dressing. It’s delicious and portable, so you can take it out on picnics for your family and friends. 


Easy Vegan Pad Thai

Pad thai is a delicious noodle dish made with peanuts and shrimp. This easy vegan version swaps the shrimp for tofu. In fact, it’s more common to see a vegetarian version in the street markets of Bangkok. It’s quick and easy to prepare, all you need is to stir fry the ingredients with the noodles in a sizzling wok. 


Vegan Dim Sum

These little bun style dumplings are fun and easy to make. The filling is made from mushrooms and homemade hoisin sauce, surrounded by a simple dough made of flour and coconut milk. Click here for the full method. There are only 300 calories per bun and you wouldn’t believe it because they are packed with flavor. 

With these fabulous recipes, you’ll never be short of dinner party ideas again. The great thing about street food is that it’s designed to be quick to make and fun to eat.  Once you’ve built up a spice collection, it shouldn’t be difficult to add a few of these amazing Asian appetizers to your weekly meal plan.

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