5 Things You Can Do to Be Ready for The Worst

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Everyone knows that life isn’t fair and bad things happen to good people. However, the reality is that no one gets out of this world alive, and though it might not be today or tomorrow, we all have an expiration date. The sooner we acknowledge this sobering fact, the better prepared we will be for when our time comes. Unfortunately, many people are just not ready for the worst. That is why right now is the perfect time to take action.  Preparing for the inevitable is never easy or enjoyable; however, doing so now will help reduce stress and anxiety down the road.

Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

Another thing you can do to be prepared for the worst is create a disaster recovery plan. A disaster can be anything from a hurricane, earthquake, or flood to an economic collapse or cyber attack. Whatever scenario you’re preparing for, keeping a level head and having a plan in place is essential. Especially in light of recent events with Hurricane Ian, creating a disaster recovery plan is always recommended. Your disaster recovery plan should include these three steps: Prepare, Respond, and Recover.


Have an End-of-Life Care Plan

One of the first things you should do to prepare for the worst is to have an end-of-life care plan. We only know that we don’t know when we’ll die and how we’ll die. An end-of-life care plan will help ensure your loved ones aren’t left in the dark or forced to make decisions about your care plan. In addition, you should consider choosing a healthcare proxy and discussing end-of-life issues with loved ones. 


Review Your Estate Plan

Another thing you can do to be prepared for the worst is to hire an estate planning attorney and review your estate plan. If you don’t know your estate plan, it’s time to take action. Your estate plan records how you want your assets and property distributed after you die. It also outlines who will make decisions about your healthcare and end-of-life care plan. If you don’t have an estate plan, your loved ones will be forced to foot the bill for your care or might even be denied access to your assets. This can be a stressful and traumatizing experience for everyone involved, so the sooner you take action, the better.  While an estate planning attorney is something you may not have planned spending money on, it is essential for preparing for your and your family’s future.


Create a Will and Testament

Another thing you can do to be prepared for the worst is to create a will and testament. A will is a record of how you want your property distributed after you die, while a testament is a record of who you want to be responsible for making decisions about your healthcare and end-of-life care plan.


Make a List of Your Assets

Another thing you can do to be prepared for the worst is to make a list of your assets. An asset is anything that has monetary value, such as real estate, savings accounts, stocks, and insurance policies. You should also include any valuables you own, such as furniture, jewelry, and artwork. Keeping track of your assets can help avoid fraud, identity theft, and financial scams. It’s also good to list your debts to prevent financial distress after a significant accident or natural disaster.


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