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5 Positive Outlets For Self-Healing

Everyone has internal struggles of some kind. Frustration, sadness, and jealousy are just a few unwanted emotions that can cause you to become overly stressed, miserable, and in some cases, ill. Adopting positive outlets is one way to help you cope with daily stressors or calm your nerves or worries. In another instance, healthy outlets can be a great distraction. As someone who suffered, and sometimes still does, from anxiety of all sorts I have used all types of ways to help cope and move on.

For some positive outlet ideas that will help with self-healing, please read below.

Write It Down

Picture by Free-Photos from Pixabay – CC0 License

If you’ve ever struggled to be creative, such as writing a short story or poem, try it in those moments. Your feelings will take over and you will watch the words flood out onto the paper with so much ease, you will be shocked. Writing is one perfect way to express creativity, arrange your thoughts, and sometimes devise a plan to help you move forward. I have used writing as form of a coping mechanism time and time again. I will recommend it to just about to anyone. It gives you such a form of release and ease, you won’t even see it coming.

In other instances, writing is a creative pastime for many, who feel tranquil after scribbling words across the page. If this is you, you may want to write a book about your journey and personal struggles. It could be a gift to others across the world who have similar conflicts.

Listen or Dance

Music, whether for listening, singing along with, or dancing, has many benefits for your wellbeing. Music can help you better express and cope with your situation and feelings positively to help you heal. Haven’t you heard the saying Dance It Out. That applies here. Music has such a comfort that just belting the words out while dancing around the room will put you in a better mood. Do it by yourself or with friends, whatever works for you.

Venture Outside

Fresh air, sunshine, and greenery are just a few natural remedies that can help you relieve fears and tension. For instance, taking a hike at a nearby national park or a bike ride to your friend’s house will work wonders and help you clear your mind. Smell of the fresh air going through your lungs as you’re running, or walking, has such a calming sense of tranquility. 

Get Active

When emotions are high, it isn’t easy to know how to cope with them and let them go. Exercise is one way you can channel your feelings for good, stabilize your mood, and take back control of your emotions. Movement causes your heart to race, a larger supply of oxygen is pumped around the body, and you burn up a sweat. In turn, the body releases feel-good endorphins. Exercise is a positive outlet, which can be used anytime you’re feeling out of sync with your usual self and need to unload some stress or anger. I took to yoga, which I wish I did earlier on. Yoga is an amazing way to stay active, yet has a calming tone as well.

Connect With Someone

Family and friends will be there for you in times of need. When you need a positive outlet, call or visit one of your closest for a chat. A simple conversation with someone who cares and has your interests at heart will make you feel connected, less alone, and cheerier. When I was going through my depression I ended up reconnecting with an old friend. I didn’t realize then how important that was until I noticed how much having her back in my life, consistently, helped me heal much faster. Whether talking about your concerns because of extensive debt or a relationship ending, it’s one remedy you should try and use when you get the chance. In doing so, you’ll maintain a healthy wellbeing and encourage self-healing.

Like those mentioned above, self-healing practices are a few ways you can adjust your outlook, calm your emotions, and cope with daily stressors and self-heal. To find out what positive outlets work for you, it’s simply a matter of trying each of them. When you’ve found a few that work, self-healing will be much easier to come by.

Let me know what you think!