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5 Must Have Items for Campers

There is no denying that camping can be one of life’s greatest adventures regardless of where you go, how long for or who you go with.
For many, camping is a way of life, and they move from site to site to enjoy the freedom and flexibility this lifestyle affords them.

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These days, many great gadgets for campers finding out what is useful and which items are more of a novelty can be confusing. So having some luxury items that make your life that little bit easier when camping is a great idea. Keep reading on for some great ideas for items that can enhance your camping experience.

Wood Burning Tent Stoves

How confident are you that you can start a campfire easily? If the answer is not very, finding a tent stove that can help keep you warm without rubbing twigs together will be a great addition to your camping kit.

Modern designs have allowed many great camping stoves to be taken apart easily to allow for them to be more portable and lightweight.

Backpack Cooler

Is there anything better than heading out in the sun for a hike and then heading back to your campsite for the evening? Traditional cooler boxes can be heavy and bulky before you fill them. However, backpack coolers are exactly what you imagine. All the technology and practicality of a cooler box and a more easily transportable backpack can keep all your food and drinks cool for over 24 hours. This is one item that is definitely worth investing in for campers and hikers alike.

Water Filter Straw

If you are unsure if you have enough water or have an accident, your water supplies are low for any reason, then it can be a worry finding safe drinkable water when you are out in the great outdoors. A personal water filter straw can filter up to 1,000 liters of water without the use of chemicals or iodine, making any water safe for consumption, meaning you don’t have to worry about hydration if you are unable to access clean drinking water.

Portable Wash Bag

No one likes to be carrying around dirty washing, nor is it practical to pack for every eventuality when you go camping. A portable wash bag is a small bag that you can put dirty clothes in, and after a few minutes of scrubbing, they come out fresh and clean. It is no substitute for a washing machine, but it can freshen up dirty clothes for you to wear and feel clean again.

Tool card

A tool card is a small metal gadget that is the size of a credit card and fits your purse or wallet. The cards typically have different feature sections for taking care of different jobs such as cutting a cord, opening bottles, a wrench, plyer, and much more. They are a handy tool for any situation, particularly for camping when you never know what type of issue you can encounter.


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