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4 Ways to Make Your Home More Enjoyable

Your house puts a roof over your head and heat to warm up in, but a house is much more than that. Your house should be the place that comforts you each day – your home. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to really make a house feel like a home, your home, when you first move into a new place, or if you haven’t done a lot to make it truly “yours.” Below, let’s talk about 4 ways to make your home more enjoyable each and every day.


Brighten up the colors

Sometimes, all you need is a “quick fix” when it comes to making your home enjoyable, and brightening up the colors can definitely do that for you. Paint isn’t exactly the fastest thing to do, I know, but in comparison to other renovations, it is quick and a lot of the time, it’s inexpensive. I always say that paint is the #1 thing that can help transform a house, without hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can paint a room or two for about $50-100 and you can do it in one day! The good thing about changing the colors up? It not only lets your home look cleaner, brighter, and nicer, but it also has the potential to change the mood of the house – and the guests inside the house. For example, a nice white or light grey can definitely brighten up your space and make it feel more inviting and open. A cool light blue or green (depending on the color of green) can make people feel more at ease and relaxed. A fun yellow can definitely make someone feel happier and more alert. Paint is an easy way to make a home feel more enjoyable, I think. 


Set the right vibe

Let me paint a picture in your head. You get home from a long day of work and you come into a dirty house that smells bad and is full of clutter. How do you feel? On the other hand, if you come home to a tidy and clean home, light a beeswax candle, and turn on some calming tunes, how do you feel then? Setting the right vibe is important when it comes to ways to make your home more enjoyable. This goes for the small touches such as music and a candle to larger touches like making sure guests have what they need and furnishing your home as you need to.


Renovate areas that you use the most

This one is important. Renovating is expensive, yes, but it can completely change how you feel about a home. If you want to live in a really enjoyable home, focus on sprucing up the spots that you use most. For example, if you love to take baths, maybe consider renovating your master bathroom. If you are a home chef and love to cook up fancy meals for your family members and guests,  like I do, then think about renovating your kitchen by adding features that will improve your cooking experience. A larger island, more cabinet space, high-quality appliances, etc. Focus on the areas in your home that you use and love the most and go from there. 



Switch up your layouts

Just like with a paint switch, making your rooms look different with a simple layout change can be a very effective and easy way to make your home more enjoyable. Sometimes, if rooms have the wrong layout, they can feel cluttered and overwhelming. With just a few small tweaks, they can become much more open and enjoyable. Need help moving furniture around if it’s too heavy? Find a local mover such as Consider it Moving. They can help with business relocation in Long Island, residential moving, furniture moving, storage solutions, and so much more.

These 4 ways to make your home more enjoyable are easy and practical ways to love the home you are living in!

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